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One A productive and fulfilled labor force

One of the most talked subjects in corporate circles in last time is how to optimize the contributions of human resources in achieving different goals. A productive and fulfilled labor force is one of the most important factors in organizational effectiveness. (HUSAIN, 2014) But experiences in business and service companies, however, show that management grant additional time and attention to strategies regarding production, innovation, investment, inventory, advertising, etc than to human resources.

The compulsion of the present business environment is, however, promoting corporate management to systematically review their present states of mind, convictions, and approaches towards HR for they contribute most fundamentally to the survival and development of a company. Progressive management has begun to think that people are not problems but opportunities. Training and development activities are the essential pieces of discovering these opportunities (McDaniel and Gitman, 2008).

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Training and Development activities are intended to give particular aptitudes, skills, and information to workers. Training is a company’s activity to modify the skills, the behavior of employees (new and current ones) to do their jobs. Development is a process that “strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them (Rohra, 2017).


Importance of training and development

• Training and Development help in improving the usage of human resource that further encourages the worker to accomplish the goals of the company and additionally their individual objectives.

• Development of Human Resources – T&D gives an opportunity for the advancement of HR’s technical and behavioral aptitudes in an association. It additionally helps the workers in accomplishing individual development.

• Development of abilities of representatives – T&D helps in expanding job knowledge and skills of workers. It grows the horizons of human brains and a general identity of the workers

• Efficiency –  T&D help in expanding the profitability of the workers that encourages the company further to accomplish its long-term objective.

• Team spirit – T&D helps in instilling the feeling of cooperation, solidarity, and group cooperation. It also helps in inculcating to learn inside the employees.

• Organization Culture – T&D create and enhance the organizational health and productivity. It helps in developing the culture inside the company.

• Organization Climate – T&D help to construct the positive reception and feeling about the association. The workers get these emotions from leaders, subordinates, and associates.

• Quality – T&D helps in enhancing the quality of work.

• Health and Safety – T&D help in enhancing the health and security of the company.

• Morale T&D help in enhancing the confidence of the labor force.

• Image – T&D help in developing a better corporate image.

• Profitability – T&D lead to better profitability (Tracey, 1994).

Samsung and Apple Inc. were chosen because these companies are the two largest producers of electronics and in particular mobile phones. They constantly compete and that’s why it is important to look at on such an important aspect as HR. As it said above Human resource is very important for companies. These two organizations set the bar in the modern technological world and are an example for imitation. This means that HR departments must be very developed and that’s why we wont to compare these organizations.

Also in our group, there was a discussion about which company is better and this is also one of the reasons why these companies were chosen.



Safety and Health training

Samsung demonstrates a worry for all employees working in the organization, so those working in semiconductor offices need to join Health and Safety Training. There are more than 120 courses intended for this program ranging from overseeing chemicals to ISO/OSHAS conventions to the reaction in an accident. This preparation is for all workers from new ones to perpetual ones with the recurrence of once every month. Moreover, representatives working in South Korea are given training designated by the Industrial Safety and Health(Samsung.com, 2017).

•Chemical Safety & Health Training

The training program includes:

1. Certified Chemical Training – (24hrs/12months): finding out about compound substances, techniques for security and defending gear and additionally tragic episodes. Furthermore, there is additionally separate on-work preparing going on for 4 hours gave by firefighters on staff.

2. Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) Training – (4 hrs): finding out about the detail of every material utilized as a part of the produce and how to react in unsafe circumstances.

3. Emergency Response Training(ERT) – (8 hrs): the course covers directions on emergency kit usage, medical aid courses including CPR and practicing chemical neutralization. Moreover, qualified engineers give additional directions on right reactions to urgent circumstances (Report training of samsung, 2016).


•Korean Industrial Safety and Health Act Training Program

In adjustment to Article 31 of the Korean Occupational Safety and Health Act, Samsung creates in Korea:

1. A periodical preparation program for all staffs.

2. Specialized Training: producing/designing workers would take part in the training on regular safety and health practices for a time of 16 hours.

3. Safety Training for new staffs: they would learn about security and health for a time of 16 hours. This program incorporates data on chemical substances also, on-job-training to strengthen comprehension of the workplace before beginning their activity. Additionally, this instructional class incorporates theme, for example, “Comprehension and Utilizing(MSDS)” and “Pragmatic Training on-air Respirator and Protective Equipment” (Samsung- training in human resource management, 2017).



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