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ORGANISATIONAL proficient accreditation or educational cost repayment.


Organizational commitment can be said to be the sense of feeling that indicates a sense psychological attachment an individual has toward the organization or work and spending most of their time towards the betterment of the organization.

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One of the major factors contributing to the establishment of a concrete stable relationship is the commitment of an individual.

 Meyer and Allen (1984) at the outset viewed organisational commitment as two- dimensional, affective and continuance. They described the first dimension, that is affective commitment as “positive feelings of identification with, attachment to and involvement in the work organisation”, and they described the second dimension, continuance commitment as “the extent which employees feel committed to their organisation by virtue of the costs that they feel are associated with leaving”. Allen and Meyer later added normative commitment as the third dimension.

Affective commitment is an enthusiastic sense of duty regarding the association. Affectively dedicated representatives are well on the way to display wanted citizenship behaviors on the grounds that they relate to the association’s main goal and objectives.

Workers with continuance commitment trust that the cost of leaving the association is too high as far as money related, social and expert components, for example, pay and advantages, a system of companions and nontransferable employment aptitudes. These workers feel secured or caught and show these inclination through participation and execution issues, alongside a nonattendance of OCBs.

A worker with normative commitment feels obligated to the association. This is average of workers who get “grants ahead of time, for example, broad preparing, proficient accreditation or educational cost repayment. Given the organization’s money related interest in them, remaining with the organization is seen as the proper activity. These representatives are happy with their occupations and show loyalty and citizenship behaviors.

Organisational commitment is influenced by factors such job-related factors, employment opportunities, a person gets, positive relationships, structure of the organisation, management style. Employees with higher levels of commitment show higher performance and productivity as they tend to take greater efforts to perform and invest their resources in the organisation and lower levels of absenteeism

Organizational Commitment scale designed by Upinder Dhar, Prashant Mishra and D.K Srivastava is a two-factor test designed to determine and individual’s commitment with regard to his position and his value for his work place.  The scale can be used for screening out individuals with low commitment towards their organization and also their performance can be valued this way


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