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Over one-third of all food produced in the world is wasted or spoiled. Canadians waste nearly 40% of the food they buy, which is worth $27-billion. The organic matter that ends up in landfills accounts for 20% of all methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas that substantially contributes to climate change.Food waste is a global issue, but individuals can do their part to reduce food waste locally. One way to reduce food waste is by making sure not to over-serve food. Often times we cook much more food then we plan to eat and food gets wasted. Reducing portion sizes is something I am currently doing. I usually serve myself small portions and if I’m still hungry I could just eat a small snack. However, if there is extra food it should be saved to be eaten later. Furthermore, left-over food should be label to keep track of how long it has been in the fridge. This is something that I could start doing. Another way to reduce food waste is by understanding that expiration dates on foods are not strict guidelines on when to discard food. I have watch videos online that have informed me that dates on food are not their expiration dates, they are often only there sell-by dates. These dates are also not regulated by any type of government except for baby food. Most food are still ok to eat after these dates especially canned foods that are made to last a long time. A lot of food is wasted because of these so-called expiration dates. I have looked up ways to properly identify if foods are still ok to eat. For example, I have learned that you can usually tell if milk is still ok by smelling it.Food waste can be further reduced by understanding the right places were different foods should be stored. Some foods need to be stored at room temperature versus the fridge. About a year ago I learned that bread can be kept fresh a lot longer if put in a bread box when first purchased, so I started doing that . A good way of reducing food waste is simply by shopping smarter, when going shopping make sure not to by too much food. This can be done by: shopping more often and buying less. Also, writing done exactly what you need and only buying what you know you well eat. This is something that I should practice at home. Back when I was at Guelph I lived on campus and bought my own food. I was really good at buying only what I needed and ended up eating all the food I bought with little being wasted. At home, my parents buy food and they do have a problem with buying things we don’t use. I’m quite a picky eater so they will often buy something new in hopes that I will eat it, but if I don’t it is often wasted. Discussing with them about how to shop more efficiently is something I can do to reduce food waste. 


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