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E: [email protected] . M: +92301-5215876 . Faisalabad, Pakistan
A forward-thinking developer offering more than one years of experience building, integrating, testing, and supporting
iOS applications for mobile and tablet devices on the iOS platform. Created 5+ fully functional applications for iOS
devices by writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code. Proficient in design, data structures, problem solving.
Tyxol Solutions . Faisalabad , Pakistan . 6/2017 – Present
 IOS Developer
Worked in all phases of the project including design, development, testing and deployment.
§ Implemented business logic by understanding business requirements.
§ Worked with Swift 3 and Cocoa frameworks for designing the app.
§ Used NSURLSession & JSON to communicate with the backend
§ RESTFUL Web API’s to get the appropriate data and display in the application.
§ Made customized interface, worked on payment integration.
§ Worked with REST network architecture and consumed web services to display data.
§ Worked with web views to support user to get on client website and also provided single sign on.
§ Worked with Google and Apple Map Kits and Mobile Location Services.
§ Experience working with Push Notifications, i.e. google firebase, amazon sns
§ Worked with Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram API.
§ Implement two-way authentication system i.e. Telenor Corporate Call & SMS.
§ Publishing the application on App store and then pushing updates after every sprint release.
§ Code base stored in a GIT repository.
Tyxol Solutions . Faisalabad , Pakistan . 12/2016 – 6/2017
 .NET Developer
Worked in all phases of the project including design, development, testing and deployment.
§ Involved in Requirement gathering and design document.
§ Created Restful services using ASP.NET Web API for exposing these to mobile device.
§ Developed web forms in ASP.NET using C# as the code-behind language and LINQ as the SQL data
§ consumer.
§ Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Data Reader, Dataset and Data List for reading/updating
§ records in the database.
§ Created Restful services using ASP.NET Web API for exposing these to mobile device.
§ Worked in Web API 2.0, REST & JSON based development experience.
§ Worked with SignalR (live backend)
§ Involved in creation of stored procedures in MS SQL Server.
§ Experienced in web-services & web-handlers
§ Design, Query Optimization, Performance tuning in SQL Server.
§ Web API deployment on Windows Azure.
§ Unit testing module level
§ Code base stored in a GIT repository.
NUCES . Chinnot Faisalabad, Pakistan
CGPA: 3.44 / 4
Courses: Introduction to Computing, Basic Electronics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Computer Programming, Digital
Logic Design, English Composition, Computer Organization & Assembly Language, Data Structures, Discrete
Structures, Database Systems, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Numerical Methods, Operating Systems, Advanced
Programming, Computer Networks, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Theory of Automata, Artificial Intelligence,
Digital Image Processing, Software Engineering, Technical & Business Writing, Computer Architecture, Human
Computer Interaction, Mobile Computing, Data Science, Professional Issues in IT, Software Architecture, Software
Project Management
VSQUIB (Final Year Project)
Programming Languages: C#, ASP.NET
Tools/Technologies: Unity 3D, Visual Studio, SQL Server
Course: FYP-I & FYP-II
Brief Introduction: This project will provide a platform where sellers can show their product clearly to buyers as V
Squib will allow them to have a virtual view of products along with their specification holograms. User will see only
one review generated by system after Sentimental Analysis of all reviews given on that product. Google Maps API is
used to show location of store. User will be able to render customized view of the stores, system will observe user’s
behaviour, & render store items according to user’s taste. For customised view & products recommendation based on
user’s profile is accomplished with aprori algorithm & These analysis will be done on server side, only result will be
sent to client (Mobile Application). We have created API for communication with mobile application in ASP.NET Web
API 2.0. JSON is used for communication between server & client. Backend of application is web based developed in
ASP.NET MVC 5.0, For Customer’s usage, we have published mobile application for ios & android platform with
Connect Me (Social Networking Application)
Programming Languages: C#, ASP.NET, Java
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio, Android Studio, SQL Server
Course: Mobile Computing
Brief Introduction: Connect Me present you with the most interesting people around you. In the match game, choose
who you like and who you don’t. You only get messages from someone you like, and you decide who can start a
conversation with you. Backend of this application is developed in ASP.NET MVC 5.0, API is developed in ASP.NET
WEB API 2.0 (Token Based Authentication), for communicating with android application. User’s will be using
android application that is developed with Android Studio in Java.
Artistic App (Generates Artistic Avatar)
Programming Languages: C#
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio, SQL Server
Course: Advance Programming
Brief Introduction: Artistic App (Desktop Application) present you interesting avatars of your pictures. In this
application, you have to upload your picture, Artistic App will find your face & then will show number of artistic effects
of your face, you can select any one to save. For face detection, Emgu CV wrapper of OpenCV is used. After face
detection, we make artistic effects with help of AForge.NET & ImageMagick API’s.
Video Water Marking App
Programming Languages: C#
Course: Advance Programming
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio
Brief Introduction: In this application, you can place text watermark on video. User can set position of watermark(text)
to be placed on video. Application was developed in C#, It’s a desktop application.
Event Management System
Programming Languages: C#, ASP.NET
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio, SQL Server
Course: Advance Programming
Brief Introduction: It’s complete event management and registration software. An “all in one” solution especially
designed for universities or organisations that organise events such as seminars or workshops. System was developed
Database Solution for Showroom Management System
Programming Languages: C#
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio, SQL Server
Course: Database Systems
Brief Introduction: It’s complete showroom management system and stock management software. It’s window form
application developed in C#, SQL Server is used with application for database solutions.
Pharmaceutical management system
Programming Languages: Java
Tools/Technologies: NetBeans IDE, SQL Server
Course: Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Brief Introduction: It’s basically stock management system of medicine products, it notifies about low stock of
medicine & expiry date of medicines through email provided in system. User can make product sale fast by scanning
barcode of products with barcode reader. It is a desktop based application developed in java, database is managed in
SQL Server and it’s configured with JDBC to work with java.
Image Manipulator
Scripting Languages: Matlab
Tools/Technologies: Matlab
Course: Image Processing
Brief Introduction: This app take grayscale image as input & convert it into colour image. Different techniques of
image processing were used for this colouring, like grayscale mapping, pseudo-colouring etc.
Home Automation with Mobile Phone Call
Programming Languages: C++
Tools/Technologies: Aurdino
Course: Digital Logic Design
Brief Introduction: We used Aurdino to control home devices, user can control devices in his or her home with mobile
Spell Checker Desktop Application
Programming Languages: C++
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio
Course: Data Structures
Brief Introduction: Spell Checker is an app designed for finding any spelling mistake, while you are typing, and offer
suggestions from its dictionary. It’s desktop application built in C++.
Professional Notepad (For Programmers)
Programming Languages: C++
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio
Course: Theory of Automata
Brief Introduction: Professional Notepad was made for programmers, basically it provides features of simple notepad
& C++ editor. Professional Notepad built in C++ on concept of 2d doubly Linklist.
Pac-man Game
Programming Languages: C++, SFML 2.0
Tools/Technologies: Visual Studio
Course: Computer Programming
Brief Introduction: Player navigates Pac-Man through a maze containing various dots, known as Pac-Dots, and four
multi-coloured ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are enemies of Pac-Man. The goal of the game is to accumulate
points by eating all the Pac-Dots in the maze. Core logic of game is written in C++, while graphic layer of game is
developed in SMFL 2.0.
Organizer . Devoxx4Kids . Pakistan . 8/2015 – Present
A platform where teenagers are inspired by programming, robotics and engineering in general.
§ Teach children Computer Programming while having fun and introduce them to concepts of robotics,
electronics and generally being creative with these kinds of services.
§ Demystify programming for girls and introduce them to computer science in order to improve gender equality
in that field.
Member . FCAP . FAST NUCES . 8/2015 – Present
A platform for students to learn, compete & enhance their computer programming & development skills
§ Organized workshops for computer scientists to give kick starts in new technologies.
§ Organized competitions within FAST, where students can learn about programming competitions and get
prepared to participate in national/international competitions.
§ Bronze Medal in sixth semester at NUCES-CFD campus
§ Gold Medal in second semester at NUCES-CFD campus
§ Silver Medal in first semester at NUCES-CFD campus
§ Member of Dean List at NUCES-CFD campus
§ Received the prestigious 4-years BS(CS) Scholarship (Merit Based) from NUCES-CFD
§ Gold Medalist in General Science group at Faisalabad Board
§ Received the prestigious 2-years I.C.S. Scholarship (Merit Based) from PGC
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Tools and Technologies: Xcode, Visual Studio, Android Studio, SQL Server, Unity 3D, Matlab
Languages: C#, Swift 3.0, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, Assembly, ASP.NET,

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