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I am very much pleased to recommend Mr.Varun Sai Sitaram Dintakurthi as a prospective student who has applied for admission to your graduate program. I have known him for past 3 years as an undergraduate student of Electronics & Communication Engineering at this college.

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In this period I had many opportunities to observe him close quarters as I was his professor since his 2nd year of undergraduate course for the subjects Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Design through Verilog and MATLAB programming laboratory. He is a person with very good grasping and analyzing capabilities who is emotionally mature, confident and good-natured. As a student, he was dedicated to assignments given to him and finished them on time. Perseverance, sincerity, and thirst for knowledge have always been the hallmark of his personality.

Mr.Varun is quite ambitious and career driven. He works hard to achieve his goals and is committed to his work. I am completely impressed by his team work in his project, who maintains excellent relationship with his team members and works in a proficient manner. He has repeatedly proved his conceptual ability and creative outlook with his novel problem solving methods in the debates with his team. He is a creative thinker, but one who backs up his assertions with research. His strong desire to search deep and passion for the subject gives him
unique edge over his peers and makes him an excellent student.  He is a fervent reader of academic literature, and he never takes shortcuts when it comes to coursework and projects.

Varun is a student with self-reliance and good levels of self-confidence. His mode of solving hardware problems with various computer application tools is worth appreciating. He is also effective in his communication skills. I feel that his diligence and pragmatic analysis represents his competency towards research. Sanjay has worked hard to hone his creative identity and his skill sets to execute his vision. His work has become more focused, while at the same time, more complex over the few short years he has been with us. What he needs now is the kind of exposure which he will get at your prestigious university. Hence I strongly recommend him to be considered as the potential candidate for admission into your esteemed University with financial aid.


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