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Pablo Picasso Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon, 1907The painting depicts five women in a pink like flash, entangled in silver and blue draperies. The skin color dominates the painting as it is on about seventy percent of the painting’s area. The color scheme used is light colors with the exception of black and grey. It contrasts because of the difference in the tone of the skins and the dark background. There are three women on the left and two on the right. They appear to be naked. Two of them, standing somewhat in the middle stand with their arms raised exposing their breasts, staring right into the viewer’s eye. The two, on the far left and right, are seen intruding from behind the jagged cloth while the other squats among fabric. Three of the women can be described as unattractive and unfeminine because they are portrayed having a mask-like face. The masks are like African tribal mask. Their body shapes and forms can be described as odd, angular, and disjointed. In front of them on a plate, there is a collection of fruits. A melon, that looks like a moon and gives a sense of sharpness, with testicular grapes, an apple, and a pear Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, is the most famous example of cubism painting. Picasso takes the idea of having naked women as pleasure for male viewers and gives it a new approach. The women can be seen as threatening, and strong. Picasso break from the formal western art was largely influenced by his fascination with primitive art, which he studied while he was in Paris. The art of Africa and the native people of America was a major influence 20th-century artist. They liked these types of art because it embodied something different. Non-Western art was the leading force that conveyed modern artist like Picasso to reject traditional models. The painting started off as depiction on prostitute, but over time the women became more and more angular. This art is significant because Picasso abandoned all the known form and representation of the traditional art. He used distortion of female’s body and geometric forms in an innovative way, which challenge the  idealized representations of female beauty. It also shows the influence of African art Picasso.


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