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Paul Tillich and Margery Williams’ Writing Essay

Paul Tillich and Margery Williams present the similar opinions in their writing; they all agree with the power of love. Paul Tillich had a deeper discussion that connecting ontology with the nature of love, whereas Margery Williams make use of a fairy tale to describe love. In Tillich’s (1945) work, ”Ontology is the elaboration of the ‘logos’ of the ‘on’, in English of the ‘rational word’ which grasps ‘being as such’” (p18).

He also points that “when they tried to speak in terms of the logos about the nature of being, could not do it without using words like love, power, and justice or synonyms for them” (1945, p21). From these we can conclude that ontology is considered as the study of living being, and love is one basis for a being is thought as being alive. Talking about ontology, it talks about to be existed, and it related with one has the power of love because love can teach us what the real life is. Love is a factor that drives being to live; without love, one would lose spirit, emotion and feelings.

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Plato’s theory about eros that had a great impact on Tillich, and Tillich considered eros as one of love that as important as others: epithymia, philia, and agape. Although there are four kinds of love, they have something in common: “Love is the drive towards the unity of the separated” (Tillich, 1945, p25). In other word, love is the reason why separation can finally come together. In process of real life, it has love; it has the condition of separation and reunion. In the book of “The Velveteen Rabbit”, the Rabbit was original a shy toy.

Because of boy’s love, his appearance is changed, and finally he becomes a real rabbit. The Skin Horse knows what the real love is, and this can be reflected from his answer to the Rabbit for what is Real, “Real isn’t how you are made. It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real” (Williams, para 6). Since boy’s uncle loved him, the Skin Horse also is a real horse and that is the magic of the love.

By attaining boy’s love, the Rabbit gets the happiness from playing and accompanying with his master, and he has the emotions like the human being. And finally, when he realized he was going to be burnt and he would lose boy’s love, he felt hurt and cried. This is love’s power that make the Rabbit has the human feelings. Both Tillich and Williams believe love has the power to overcome many different obstacles, and human being is the real because they have capability to love and be loved. Due to love, a being has the significance of being existed.


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