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People non genetically modified food cost more

People say that Genetically modified organisms are bad for you and not safe for you but GMOS are ok for you and they never hurted no one a GMO is when they Genetically modify a food to make it better and so if the food is not eatable they do it so we can eat it.People say that tampering with the food will affect the environment all around us but it doesn’t most or all of the food that we eat today are genetically modified like bananas,broccoli,brussel sprouts those are just some of the foods that we genetically modified. This is an example of how using GMOS saved thousands of lives,scientist genetically modified rice and made it golden rice one cup of this a day saved people’s lives that needed vitamin A. This changed a lot of lives that is why GMOS are good for you. Using GMOS we can tinker with the DNA of an organism and improve on natures design. Using GMOS can also help farmers too because using GMOS the farmers can produce more crops and it cost less so that helps the farmers since they don’t make that much money. They would actually be making more money than losing it because non genetically modified food cost more to get the seeds and it does not produce as much but with genetically modified food it cost less and you get a lot more in your harvest. This is a good thing using this type of method also nourishes the planting environment and when your out at the store buying groceries the GMO foods are cheaper.In Hawaii there was a deadly ringspot virus ravaged the states papaya crops then one scientist created a genetically modified disease resistant fruit. This helped Hawaii have papayas if they never did this then papayas wouldn’t exist. The amount of GMO food is increasing in stores worldwide there are fewer GMO foods available in europe about 70-90% of GMO foods in europe are fed to the animals. People spray three times the amount of pesticides in a week which is bad so the scientist put a gene in plants so that bugs if they ate it they would die. So people say that GMOS are bad for you but there wrong because if you read this you would understand there not bad they are actually good for you. GMOS are good for the farmers people buying the food without GMOS there would probably be no papayas in Hawaii there would be les crops because of the bugs eating them. For those people who say they are bad they probably don’t know all the good things that they have done for this earth some of the vegetables we have on this earth today wouldn’t be here but because of GMOS there here like broccoli,brussel ports,bananas,corn etc. That is why GMOS are good for you they aren’t bad people always thought that because they never research on it and that is why GMOS are good for you.    


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