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Perception is the ability of the person to understand a situation or a thing which is detected within the consciousness as a thought, intuition or deduction.We always find Intellectuals and Spirituals giving rock hard stress on perception and the effect that it can bring in someone’s life. “You change your mind and you change the world around you”- but does the world really change? THE WORLD REMAINS THE SAME and the world will always remain the same. There is a world in our minds, that is created by our own thought process (the way we perceive our surroundings), this world is similar to the world around us but the attributes differ because these are the consequences of our perception about it. So when we say we change the world around us, we actually change the image of the world in our mind. But, what difference does it make in our surrounding? When we change our perception from negative to positive, we send those positive vibes in environment and applying the law of NATURE (law of ATTRACTION, law of sowing and reaping), we start getting positive things, positive situations in our life and we feel amazed as everything starts happening in a synchronous manner. We say the world has changed, but the world was earlier also the same.Everything in our life starts with a thought, starting from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, each thing that we do, first comes to our mind purely in a thought state. Our reactions to different situations in our daily life also first exist in our mind in a thought state. If we are conscious of this inception point and start to work meticulously to organize our mind energy in positive thoughts and positive perception of the situations around us, everything will end up being favorable, beneficial and pleasant. This is the fortitude of thinking good even in the most adverse situation. Everything in our life starts with our thoughts and ends with our actions. Once we have control over our mind, whatever we want becomes possible. Our mind is collection of thoughts which we have every moment. And, thoughts are there every moment due to the perception of surrounding and self. As Gandhiji said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Perception changes everything in our life and makes us Different and exceptional.


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