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Personal the researcher to be interested in

 Personal satisfaction is a profoundly
subjective part of happiness which is an imperative component of numerous money
related choices. What’s more, now the expanding number of businesses over the
globe are starting to perceive the significance of money related health as a
center mainstay of aggregate prosperity. They comprehend that when
representatives are agreeable to meet their money related commitments, they
more inclined to be gainful and connected with at work.

     In outside nations like Malaysian, youthful
workers are confronting money related weights and his has influenced their
Quality of Life. More youthful age encounter financial stress because of excessiveness.
It was recognized that a more youthful age live using a credit card. Be that as
it may, just few of them know how to deal with their monetary issues. It was
additionally announced that many them has possess Mastercard and tend to pay
the base regularly scheduled installment, while a considerable lot of them
neglect to pay off the obligation on time (News Strait Time, 2014)

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      In the Philippines, monetary issues have
intimations on a man’s day by day life capacities, for example, work and
family. They additionally cause individual pressure and frequently hasten
conjugal emergency. In addition, there is a huge connection between monetary issues
and stress-related sicknesses (Sporakowski, 1979). Money related
pressure impacts various parts of individual life capacities, including working
environment profitability. Having issues can prompt harm in work environment
assurance and reduce efficiency (Garret, 1993) Subsequently, money
related issues and monetary pressure influence a person’s close to home and
family life, as well as the individual’s work life. One reason for individual
monetary issue is budgetary lack of education.

       Locally in Tagum City, one of the
enormous issues that influence the personal satisfaction among youthful
representative is education and wellbeing administrations. Specifically, the
complexity increases when the financial well-being of young people is
considered, given that their financial condition is recognized as critical.
Indeed, in this case, the life challenges stemming from the specificity of
their stage of life and their financial environment need to be considered. Many
researchers as well as financial educators, coaches, and other practitioners
are working toward understanding specifically how the youth can achieve a
better state of financial well-being.

       The stated scenario persuaded the
researcher to be interested in determining between the influence of financial
wellness and quality of life among young employee. By way of, this can raise
awareness to the intended beneficiaries of this study.


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