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Petty Officer Of The Navy Commerce Essay

Responsibility, authorization, and answerability ever go manus in manus. Its known that the more authorization one has so the demand of being more responsible and accountable. Figures in authorization have to bear a batch of duty and with the weighty determinations they make they have to be we see the demand of all that. Petty officers besides normally know as the PO is a leader with authorization in the naval forces. They are involved in the determination devising procedure and the deputation of responsibilities to the naval crew. They come up with the schemes and they are responsible for all the actions being executed. Bing a leader you ever have to take by illustration and be willing to learn and take the necessary corrections when the demand arises.

The PO has a batch to make refering corrections. They are bear downing with the duty of warning and censuring the forces. They besides put the forces on the study if there are any errors they have done in line of responsibility. Tasks given to them might non be easy to set about but they come as portion of the duty they have. There is the use of the rule of deputation of authorization in the work force. This authorization is the duty of the officers since they are the 1s who are responsible for the actions of their juniors. Everyone who has been assigned a peculiar undertaking has the duty of carry throughing it, therefore there is completion of the undertakings. In the navy instances of bad behaviour are ever at that place.

One can state that you can non anticipate every one to act exceptionally good given that they were all brought up otherwise and in different environments. Many things can convey up the negative side of an person. Depending on the conditions and the environment a individual is in, the character of the given individual is expected to demo up though the same individual may seek every bit much as possible to conceal it. In the naval forces for illustration, the crewmans ever go on expeditions which can last for several months without one holding to step on land. Many crewmans will see sea illness while others may develop psychological jobs. The most of import thing when this happens is if the affected officer will get by with what is impacting at that place them. Transporting naval officers on board who are non in their right province of head can turn out dearly-won particularly in fortunes such as during war.

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Every Marine on board should be able to believe exceptionally good and execute a given undertaking as needed. Whenever the crewmans achieve anything good they all take recognition for it and make the same when everything does incorrect they do n’t indicate fingers at any of them because they are a squad. Whom do we fault when things go incorrect? Some can state it ‘s the people who were assigned the undertaking, others can reason that it ‘s the leaders or merely those put oversee the complete of the undertaking. Both sides could be right but they could besides be incorrect. Different fortunes result in different steps being taken to rectify them. When instructions are given it is upon the individual giving them out to guarantee that they are all followed and besides the individual given to follow them as needed ( Stavridis & A ; Girrier, 2004 ) .

Importance of good behaviour

Military schools and academies are said to give the best preparation towards a individual ‘s character. They mould them into reliable people whom their states have much outlook on. When they leave the academies, one can easy state whop has changed or non. Others might non be able to alter at all. While on the naval forces there are those who tend to interrupt the regulations. The junior-grade officer is charged with the duty of guaranting that the ordinances set are followed. Whenever something goes incorrect he will be answerable many things the crew has done.

We find that the behaviour of any given officer a affairs a batch. Some incidents can convey diplomatic rows, others may be damaging to the force but for a force to stand its land there should be mechanisms which are in topographic point to rectify any abnormality when it arises. Thought it ‘s non at a high degree of bid the place held by the junior-grade officer plays an of import function by rectifying errors made.

OP is tasked with guaranting the safety of his crew. Striking one ‘s authorization over adults can be disputing holding in head that the individual you are in-charge is the same age as you or could be even older. One has to be responsible and accountable. The illustration you set may do person to esteem or contemn you as a leader. Disciple is an of import facet of any military unit. There is no exclusion when it comes to the naval forces every bit good. For order to be their, there has to be subject within so people concerned. Peoples have to act. Many crewmans exhibit high sense of subject. They do as they are ordered to make by those above them in the ironss of bid. You find that orders given are done as needed with few making the antonym of that. Some orders may come from the highest order of bid. When such an order is given and it has to be done by the most junior individual in the bid line its the exclusive duty of those who have been delegated the order to guarantee that the undertaking is completed and if non it would be against the military subject that you ever have to followed orders from your higher-ups and guarantee that they are done.

When a junior officer misbehaves and a junior-grade officer is around the PO has to penalize the misbehaving officer or he will be reprimanded. All the junior-grade officers are charged with the duty of concatenation of bid. There must be indicant to all of them that one is punishable Incas of any cases of inappropriate behaviour in the concatenation of bid.

When they do the penalty they are presuming their lesson of authorization and set abouting his duty. Punishment is another manner of transfusing subject. Depending on the earnestness of the regulations broken the type of penalty besides varies. If there is a battle and a junior-grade officer is present it is his duty to penalize the responsible wrongdoers. The authorization given to the junior-grade officer has to be used where needed.

Accountability is a quality that a junior-grade officer must besides hold. When you punish a individual for a error he/she has done you should be able to give an history of what the individual had done to justify such a penalty. Some penalties can be excessively rough and when the individual being punished complains you have to take the explain grounds why you think the penalty is the right one and that you are non biased against the individual. Bing a junior-grade officer, it could be a difficult thing devising determinations which are right or even doing any given determination. Bing a human being can sometimes do life hard for us. This happens when doing determinations which can alter a individual ‘s life everlastingly. An illustration is composing a study which could take to person being sacked. No 1 would wish to see a individual suffer after losing a occupation.

Bing in such a state of affairs is tough even for a PO but one has to take between making your occupation and giving the individual another opportunity. On being given the rank of the junior-grade officer it came with a duty that requires one to make the occupation as is expected. The individual who committed the offense is guilty as charged because he had the option of non perpetrating the offense in the first topographic point. The individual did non act as expected motivating action to be taken against him. A error by one officer of a naval unit may convey an internal struggle within the unit and when there is a struggle ; coordination between the officers can non be at its best. This can raise a security state of affairs depending on what activity the naval forces was involved in though there has to be unity every clip and besides the ground we find the demand of places like that of the junior-grade officer.

Effectss of discourtesy to authorization

Respect is a virtuousness that has to be earned. It is non something that one can demand for. To acquire respect one has to gain it. One can gain esteem merely every bit easy as one can lose it. It ‘s one of the military nucleus values. Military officers in military have to esteem each other so that subject can predominate. Senior officers in the armed forces are to guarantee that junior soldiers respect one another. Like in the navy the junior-grade officers are among those who are tasked with guaranting that junior officers respect each other. They as leaders try to make their best at implementing regard and subject within the officers.

Disrespect on the other manus can be termed as that the show of indifference towards figures in authorization. Within the naval forces there are civilizations and courtesies to be observed. When a naval officer does non detect these courtesies it can be termed as discourtesy. It is difficult sometimes to state when person shows disrespect to a individual unless person speaks up while in some instances marks of discourtesy can be easy noted. For illustration non doing the customary salutation to a superior officer when you are supposed to make so is a mark of discourtesy. Bing ill-mannered to your higher-ups is besides termed as discourtesy. Another illustration of discourtesy is utilizing coarse linguistic communication in the presence of your superior or when mentioning to the officer while utilizing the same linguistic communication. The superior officer does non hold to be at that place for it to be considered disrespect.

The military tallies swimmingly on trust but trust can non be if there is no regard. It ever takes a batch to gain a soldiers trust so regard. Why would an officers respect a superior officer they can non swear? As a leader a junior-grade officer demand to hold the ability to steer direct and act upon the people who are his juniors. This is taking by illustration. There have been many instances of discourtesy within the armed forces. When such a thing happens those involved normally have a instance to reply to the higher-ups. It is said ‘if you ca n’t esteem anyone in authorization so at-least regard the place the individual is keeping.

Any disrespect towards the authorization is normally punishable in many states. Military units are non left out of this. When a soldier in a military unit is punished, the individual making the penalty should hold in head that the officer must non be demoralized but alternatively take the penalty positively and non to reiterate the same error. Percept of regard varies for different people. Something might be perceived as discourtesy by one party but another party can comprehend it otherwise. The perceptual experience normally has an consequence on the sort of penalty given. Some penalties can be termed as harsh while others indulgent. Peoples have been imprisoned for disrespecting those in authorization. Many of these instances are undertaken by dictatorial governments. In states with unfastened democracy incarcerating a individual because of discourtesy are non common.

Signs of discourtesy can non be taken kindly in military establishments. Peoples are sometimes suspended pending probe. When the probe is complete some loose their occupations, some are transferred to different Stationss while others continue in their suspension. When a really junior officer in a military unit disrespects another 1 with really senior place, incrimination may be directed towards the immediate higher-ups of the officer and it assumed that they allowed such a behaviour to develop by non taking any action to rectify that same error that the officer showed. Rarely do we happen junior officer disrespecting their seniors but few instances occur. As portion of the duty of a junior-grade officer, it is portion of their work to transfuse subject on the junior officers. They should besides be accountable when a junior officer shows disrespect to those superior to him and even those on the same rank ( Montor, 1998 ) . Before any penalty is given to any officer it has to be approved by a court-martial and the maximal penalty would be being discharged because of inappropriate behaviour, traveling without wage and allowances and detainment for a twelvemonth.

Unauthorized absence of a crewman from his station

There are many signifiers of absenteeism. The crewman might non travel to the topographic point of responsibility at all or that he goes to his station so leaves it to travel someplace else without any authorization or ground given for removing oneself. The unauthorised absence means that the crewman knew he had to be at the specified topographic point at that clip or, he had been ordered to be at that place but failed to be at that place. The penalty for non being at the intended topographic point at a given clip will be determined by a tribunal Martial. Before any penalty is given out it has to be proven that the accused knew that he was supposed to be at that place and had absented himself from certain exercisings he knew of. They ever depend on circumstantial grounds for this.

Unauthorized absence can be through motivated signifiers of the same like a state of affairs where one leaves his station with the purpose of go forthing it untended. One may non truly hold the purpose of unauthorised absence while being held by civilian governments for a offense he committed or might non hold committed. One is punished is if he is found guilty of that offense. The continuance being held does non count that much. Whether one was on leave or non and is being held by civilian governments it does non give a individual an alibi of being absent neither can it be said that it was knowing. Conviction does non besides give the individual an alibi non return to his station as what happened is was a consequence of his ain purposes. The lone state of affairs where one is found to be guiltless is if he is released by the governments with no test being done or if the individual was on leave when he was arrested but was subsequently proved inexperienced person after hearing the instance. Sometimes illness, deficiency of conveyance installations make one absent from his station and is portion of unauthorised absence but when reexamining the offense committed by the individual it should be given careful considerations before judgement is passed ( Mack, Seymour & A ; McComas, 1998 ) .

After unauthorised absence there are ways where the unauthorised absence can be written off. When one is been arrested by civilian governments before the navy gives any petition, informing the naval forces of the apprehension makes the absentee available for return to navy control. While under military control the absence is terminated. Surrendering oneself to military authorization and advising them of your unauthorised absence shows that you are wiling to subject yourself to there control. This besides brings to an terminal illegal absence. Other ways which the unauthorised absence can be terminated are when the absentee is personally arrested by the naval forces and apprehension of the absentee at the petition of the naval forces. In some instances one can be found to be absent more than one time under a individual specification.

Unauthorized absence by the naval officer from his station is punishable but the penalty normally depends largely on how long the crewman had been absent. For the naval officer or crewman if he fails to travel to his station for a clip non more than three yearss he will hold to travel without two-thirds of his monthly income for a period of one month and will besides be confined for the same continuance of clip. If the crewman absents himself for a period of less than 30 yearss but more than three yearss he will merely be gaining a 3rd of his usual monthly in semen and will be confined for half a twelvemonth. For an absence of more than 30 yearss the crewman will non acquire his wage but besides go into detainment for one twelvemonth. He will besides hold a ‘dishonorable discharge ‘ . If the crewman is arrested after being absent for more than a month the sentence would be the same but he will be detained for six more months. For other signifiers of absence like absence from his station as a guard and absence as a guard but with the will of being absent, he would acquire the undermentioned sentences severally: being detained for a one-fourth of a twelvemonth while he earns a 3rd of his wage. The other sentence would be traveling without wage, will be detained for half a twelvemonth and be discharged from the force for bad-conduct.

We can now find that the absence of the crewman from his station would be punishable unless it is proven that it did non go on out of his ain will. In decision every one in the force has to be responsible and accountable in whatever they do as any action undertaken has an consequence which can either be positive or negative.


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