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Physics over the world perceives Physics as

Physics is the sub-division
of Science that is a branch of learning that deals with the principles of
measurements. It’s the study of how things work and why they work.But mostly, when
you ask students about physics or rather just by hearing the word ‘physics’
they tend to think that it’s a big pain in the head and that it is a very stressful
matter to discuss with. Most of the students all over the world perceives
Physics as a very difficult subject for those who are in secondary and tertiary
levels.There are many factors which affects the interest of the students
towards physics. According to a physics teacher from Australia, the subject
itself is fairly remote for most students. It is due to the things that they’ve
heard or saw from other people’s experience in the said subject. Plus the fact
that the teacher’s method and attitude in teaching affects the perception of
students about the subject Physics.

the Philippines, some of the students are slowly starting to diminish interest about
the subject physics. They think of the subject as an abstract for it is
difficult and complicated to understand and solve. A measurement concerning
students’ mind-set towards Physics should stay present into discovering methods
about enhancing the teaching and learning in the secondary level. Results revealed
from past researchers that students have a negative mind-set towards physics
subject, and their academic achievement over the matter is observed to be
average or low. Further, a huge kin was established within the student’s
mind-set towards Physics and their educational

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achievement. It was
mentioned that their low level of academic achievement maybe the cause of their
negative mind-set towards the subject. Hence, students’ negative attitude towards
the subject may affect their academic achievement.

like the other students around the country, In school based studies, most of
the students in Agusan National High School (ANHS) also have this kind of
negative mind-set about the subject physics. Students in ANHS are more
terrified and in despair even when you simply just talks about the said matter
and for most of them it is mind blowing subject. This kind of mind-set over the
matter must come to an end already, but consequently, it appears that there is
so much work to be done to bring forth the significant improvement  in emphasizing the importance and to enhance interest
of students in learning Physics. Related to this factors, there is a growing
trend of teaching and learning physics. Thus this study is conducted to
determine the attitude of students towards physics and its relation to their
academic achievement. However, it is also important for the teachers to gain
insight into student’s experiences and expectations of teaching too. These
could be the start of a change in students’ perception and interest in physics.


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