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Pizza Hut Essay

Question A: I have never ordered pizza online. I have only called in to place my order for pickup or delivery Question 1: A transactional website allows customers to buy, sell, and order goods and services while a promotional website promotes and brings more customers to a website. Since PizzaHut. com has both types, this causes it to be a hybrid website. PizzaHut. com allows for customers to go online and buy their product, which is food. Customers are allowed to go online and choose whichever food they’d like and choose their delivery method.

They can order it for pick up, delivery and either store their credit card information through ‘cookie’ or pay in cash. Pizza Hut promotes there online website almost all over. They have internet ads that may pop up and when you visit their website they have their special promotions posted on the central viewing window. The website allows the ability to shop for a deal with quick and easy ordering access. Pizza Hut also has many ways to order from a Facebook and iPhone app to desktop widgets. Question 2: There are seven design elements that help create great online customer experiences.

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The first is context. Context is a websites first appealing look and feeling that is reflected in the sites layout and in their visual design. It will focus on the company’s offerings, products, services, and information. It attempts to convey the main customer benefits provided by what the company has to offer. Content is the next. It is all the digital information on the company’s website such as the text, pictures, sounds and possible video they upload. PizzaHut. com incorporates both context and content by allowing customers to shop for a deal quickly and easily.

It has the current offers directly on the main page and through navigation buttons that include the menu, locations, and nutrition facts. These are located directly below the main content Website customization is the way the site is able to modify itself and allows users to personalize it to their own likings. With Pizza Hut, their main goal was to simplify the ordering process. For customers who have already used the site they have personal options for them called ‘Express Checkout’ that is based on saved personal preferences.

All they need to do is click a button and the food is on the way. Pizza Hut stores this information through Cookies. The connection for website design is the network that links it to other sites. They are links on the website that appear as highlighted words or pictures. Users are able to easily visit them by just clicking the link. Since Pizza hut is connected to mobile devices, desktops, and social networks their connection design element includes more than links. It provides an approach to create a seamless customer experiences whenever and wherever people want to engage with them.

Then, comes communication. Communication is the dialogue that is on the website that unfolds between the user and the website. The customers are able to talk directly with a representative while shopping on the site. They use site-to-user, user-to-site, and two-way communication. Pizza Hut uses communication by incorporating it with content. It posts product innovations, promotions, and special events with bright colors and bold images. Community is popular because it helps to enhance customer experience and build relationships.

Community is the way in which the site enables user-to-user communication. Pizza Hut realized that it did not make sense for the customers or the company to create a community on the site. Instead they turned to Facebook. Customers are now engaging in a huge group of people without disrupting their daily routine. The seventh design element to help create greater online customer experiences is commerce. Commerce is the websites ability to make sale transactions for products and services, making them quick and simple.

Pizza Hut made the sales transactions quick and simple by making a Facebook application, a branded desktop widget, phone ordering, and an iPhone app that lets customers build and submit their order visually. Question 3: Choiceboards are internet enabled systems that allow customers to design their own products and services by answering a few questions and choosing from menus, prices, and delivery options and personalization is the practice of generating content on the marketers’ website that is custom tailored to an individual’s specific needs and preferences.

Pizzahut. com allows customers to engage with their brand by using the right technology. With all the ways Pizza Hut has to offer for ordering their food, each will allow customers to build and submit their order visually. When I went online to see for myself, Pizzahut. com allowed me to build my own pizza. Next to my options was an image of the pizza I was building. There were series of question, such as toppings, delivery or takeout, crust, ect. Pizzahut. com is made to simplify the ordering process and has their promotions directly on the main page.


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