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Pollution effects from pollution. Global warming is

            Pollution is
a big topic in the world right now and is a significant issue. Pollution is a
harmful or poisonous substance that has the presence in or is introduced into
the environment. There are two types in which pollution can happen,
point-source and nonpoint-source. Point-source pollution happens when a
pollutant comes from one source. Nonpoint-source pollution occurs when then
pollutant comes from a widespread area such as runoff from land. The effects from
pollution can take a toll on temperature, air, water, soil, and people’s health.

            Global warming
is one of the biggest and most known effects from pollution. Global warming is
the increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming can cause
extreme and more frequent storms. Global warming also causes higher sea level. The
release of greenhouse gasses, mostly carbon dioxide, is the main cause of
global warming. There was research done on the amount of carbon dioxide being
soaked up by the ocean. The researchers found out that the carbon dioxide took
a long time to be absorbed, and there was so much carbon dioxide being produced
that most of it was sitting on the surface of the ocean and was releasing back
into the atmosphere when the water evaporated (Black 39).

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            Another thing
pollution can affect is the water. There are many things that can cause water
pollution such as industrial waste, oil spill, sewage, pesticides, etc. Sewage
and industrial waste are the biggest contributors to water pollution. the
effects of water pollution can be very harmful. Water pollution leaves habitats
ruined, kills animals, and destroys food chains. Water pollution also affects
drinking water and could make people sick.

            Pollution can
also affect the soil. Most of the pollution of soil comes from pesticides and
insecticides. Soil pollution could change the soil structure, and the death of
soil organism’s due to pollution could alter the structure of the soil. Sometimes
the pollution can be bad enough to the point that plants won’t grow in that
area anymore, leaving the land infertile. Less crop yield could result from soil pollution, which would
result in a big economic loss. Food in an area where the soil is polluted could
cause harm to humans and animals.

            Human health
is an effect from pollution. Pollution can cause major respiratory problems in
people. Some of the effects include chest pain, throat inflammation, asthma,
cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and in extreme cases lung cancer. There
is compelling evidence that shows that children’s respiratory systems can be
harmfully affected by fine particulate pollution (Ward 1696). If a person has
entered a body of water that has been contaminated from pollution could end up
with in a rash or disease.

            There are
harmful effects from pollution that damage many of the things that people take
for granted, and people need to help reduce the amount of pollution before it
is too late. People can help by not littering, conserving energy, watching what
they flush down the drains, and limiting driving. If people do their part, they
can help make the world a cleaner place. 


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