Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Population the survival rate for the species

has an effect on a creatures phenotype and patterns can vary. As a human we
rank low in genetic variation. This talks about how Genetic wise even species
such as Penguins are two to three time more genetically different. Species are
a group of individuals capable of reproduction. Gene pools are alleles that
that are shown in all species. This could include things such as hair color and
eye color. Populations are the mix breeding of a group living in the same place
and the same species. population breeding helps us identify patterns in
genetics. two sources of genetic variation are mutation and recombination.
mutation occurs randomly throughout genetic alignments. Somatic is when a
mutation occurs in the bodies tissues whereas Germ-line occurs where the
reproductive cells are. Neutral mutations are when the mutation have little or
no effect on the organism. We used a protein gel electrophoresis to identify
genetic variation.  There are many
advantages to having a mutation such as the survival rate for the species
rises. A fixed population is when a population shows only one allele at a
certain gene. By dividing the certain amount of one allele by the total amount
of alleles you will determine the alleles frequency. Three ways to identify
genotype is Observable traits, Gel electrophoresis, and DNA sequencing.
Phenotype on the other hand can be determined by how a living creature looks.
based on hair color and eye color and even wing forms. Scientist have studied
these using butterfly wings and ladybugs. Some of the ladybugs turned out with red
backs and black circles whereas a different type of ladybug has a black back
with red circles. By examining this trait, it’s not only a phenotype difference
but genotype as well. as the alleles inside the ladybug are changes and altered
it makes it easier for them to blend in from predators and adapt, but the color
change that comes from this mutation also shows a phenotype change. By
discovering DNA sequencing it helped scientists understand genetic



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