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Pride cow breeds which produce high quality

Pride of Cows, a milk brand of Parag Milk Foods, provides fresh and organic cow milk right to your doorstep. It is located in Manchar, between the Bheema River and the Bheemeshwari hills. Its farm is well known for its international equipments and cow breeds which produce high quality milk. It is spread over 26 acres and has modern equipments for milking cows. Pride of cows is a premium milk brand which provides organic cow milk in Surat and other major cities in India. It

Buying Pure Cow Milk in Surat is now simpler

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Pride of Cows provides healthy milk free from adulterations straight from the farms to the homes. Obtaining pure cow milk in Surat was difficult, until Pride of Cows was launched. The dairy brand has around 3,800 breeds of Holstein Friesian cows which have been imported from Germany and Switzerland. These cross breeds are well known for producing high quality and healthy milk. At the farm, the cows are pampered and given health checkups before they are milked to check if they are fit to be milked or not. This maintains the quality of the milk. The cows are fed with alfalfa, soya, greens and bran to provide them nutrition and keep the cows healthy. The diet is well balanced to provide necessary nutrition’s to the cattle.  

The State of the Art Technology helps obtaining healthy milk

·        The dairy uses the latest equipments with European Standards that keep the milk free from adulterations and reduces human intervention during milking, feeding and processing.

·        It has a 50 point mechanised Rotary Parlour which helps in faster milking and higher cow throughput.

·         The technology reduces labour and is efficient in farms where there are large numbers of cows.

·        The milk produced in bacteria free and rich in calcium and vitamins.

·        The modern farm has beds for each cows and water sprays using which the cows are watered and kept clean.

Pride of Cows aims to give organic and pure cow milk in Surat to people who are health conscience. In Surat, most of the milk one drinks is contaminated and not adulteration free. The milk lacks in providing necessary vitamins and calcium one needs in his diet. Pride of Cows delivers organic cow milk in Surat so people can feel energized and live healthily. The milk is clean and tastes better than most milk.     


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