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Primary account. Primary sources are the first

Primary sources are essential in gaining a deeper understanding and building a solid, knowledgeable foundation of an accurate historical account. Primary sources are the first recorded document of an event, giving them the most credibility and accuracy. Over time, words, concepts, and ideas can be twisted and deformed, mirroring but not recording the truth. These demented records are often translated into secondary sources.  Not always, but so often, secondhand sources are used as a primary subject to study for historical records because of the scarcity of primary sources. Secondhand sources may be text books, or essays based on a primary source. Primary sources play a key role in any historical study, being the backbone of all knowledge for a history student. The accuracy comes from the direct witnessing of an event. Such as the photo of President Lincoln in Chapter 15 of our text book. This photo is important in this chapter, because if not for him, slavery would have lasted much longer than it did. It provides a visual representation of our commander-in-chief during the time of slavery and our bisected nation. This photo is a copy photo taken during his lifetime, making it a primary source.  Primary sources will help us gain a deeper understanding of the text by providing us accounts of what actually happened, giving us a more accurate representation of the events that crafted this historical “landmark.” The necessity of primary sources cannot be over-exaggerated. They provide the most accurate and acute details to any given topic. They can express emotion, thought, and action during a time. All of these things are key to understanding history and her people, which, in turn, will help us, the students accurately depict and learn from everything they have to offer. Without primary sources, history would be lost to the unforgiving hands of time, and we would be doomed as a species, to make the same mistakes we made, hundreds of years ago. History would keep repeating itself until, eventually, humanity could no longer take it. That’s why primary historical documents are such a key player in our survival. We must study those of the past to make adjustments for progressivism, to evolve and grow as a race. Inaccurate depictions of history will give us a twisted perception of the past, making it impossible to accurately, and necessarily adjust our present to build a better future. History is all about accuracy and evolution, which is why accurate primary sources are so important.


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