Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Productivity in process efficiency and cost benefits.

is a critical factor in India because even now many of the non-value add
functions are done by professionals. My long-term goal is to monetize this huge
untapped business by forming a consulting-cum-outsourcing firm to address the
productivity concerns. Currently, there are players in market who render outsourcing
activity, but a far cry from a complete end-to-end solution. Few areas that I
have identified for efficiency are treasury, payables & receivables
management, accounting, tax & legal consultation and trade documentation.
Emerging technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a key enabler in
my strategy to improve productivity in SME sector that hitherto did not have
affordability and accessibility to technology.

In my
current role at Saint-Gobain, I mooted few AI projects and outsourced non-core
activities resulting in process efficiency and cost benefits. This experience
and learning inspired my future vision. Further at a micro level I have gained
expertise in treasury& controlling and at a macro level in accounting&
credit control which gave me considerable knowledge, skill set, confidence and
insight about my future goal. Now my career is on the cusp of change as I
intend to progress to a senior management role with a long term aspiration of
metamorphosing into an entrepreneur. Hence, I feel global MBA is a logical step
to groom me for my future goals.

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To achieve my
future goal, I need to embellish business acumen, marketing techniques and
sharpen financial and technical knowledge. These are imparted in USD’s core
curriculum. The pedagogy of international consulting on projects blends theory
and practical application with a global exposure. There is flexibility to
customize curriculum by the choosing program length and area of emphasis. A small
cohort with personalized attention enhances classroom effectiveness. Through dual
degree program I will pursue MSF to acquire specialization in finance along
with MBA. The high global ranking of USD and its strategic location promises
exposure to the companies in Silicon Valley, proximity to prospective employers
and insight in to the future trends.


In the short
term, I wish to accumulate industry experience and deepen business insights, by
working as a senior manager overseeing all functions of finance at a large
conglomerate. I intend to master all aspects of finance, understand ways to
improve efficiency which will be instrumental to formulate a sensible plan for
my dream company. USD with its rich curriculum, global ranking and personal
career guidance will help me land in a marquee firm.

Networking is
a crucial element that I expect from a global MBA. The Through workshops, mock
interviews, coaching and executive mentors, personalized career services I can
get access to essential industry connections. Networking with competitive peers
from multicultural background and a global alumni community of USD can give me
access to new ideas and multiple avenues of funding and technology for my future

I am raring to be amongst the brightest minds
of the world at USD while preparing for the next stride in the business world.


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