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Psuedo science is based on faulty scientific evidence with no empirical support for these claims. For example, a claim often made is “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. Its not necessarily an interplanetary difference between both genders, but more toward the notion that both genders differ biologically and fundamentally hence theres a given distinction that seperates one being from another. I was able to create a survey to access the beliefs of a few of my colleges on this claim. The set of questions on the survey were. 1.) do biological categories influence the social dynamics of gender? Yes or no? 2.) Do social categories determine the biology of sex? Yes or no? The end of this survey resulted in the idea that biolgical categories do influence the social dynamics of gender. This kind of thinking won’t get you far in explaining concepts such as sex, sexuality, gender and the many complications exceptions and social pattern that beg for explanations beyond the individual. Sex is typically used to describe the biological difference that distinguish both males and females.  The story of David Reimer banishes this concept through the complication of intersex children. David suffered a botched circumcision that left him with no penis. Under the guidance of the doctor, Reimers parents agreed to have their son undergo sex reassignment surgery. David was surgically made into a girl. Despite hormonal treatments david never felt comfortable as a girl. Those who are born with a sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical definitions of female or male shouldn’t feel obliged to conform to the social construct of sex.We often hear that only two genders exist. Not so for the Navajo society of Native Americans. In the navajo tribe there are three genders: masculine men, female women, and the nadle. The nadle might be born with ambigous genitelia at birth or they may declare nadle identity later on regardless of genitalia. The nadle perform both masculine and feminine tasks and dress for the moment, according to whatever category theyre doing. Althogh they are often treated as women, they have the freedom to marry people of any gender, “with no loss of status” (Kimmel, 2000). More relevant is the growing prominence and social awareness of transgender Americans who come from all social classes. In Paradoxes of Gender (1994), Lorber claims that gender is a social institution that “establishes patterns of expectations for individuals”. Gender is ultimately about power struggles and how they organize our daily life, from household economies and wage labor (Lober).  The origin of oppression arose due to the construction of the idea that biological sex is transformed into gender statuses. Which means both genders perform in a public sphere or private sphere. The man operates in a public sphere of working with economics and labor and a woman operates in the private sphere, the home labor of cleaning and watching over children. Talcott Parson’s sex role theory conforms “that men and women perform their sex roles as breadwinners and wives/mothers, because the nuclear family is the ideal arrangement in modern societies, fulfilling the function of reproducing workers.” The socialization we go through where we learn the role of both genders pushes us down into this systematic oppression.


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