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Psychology older; everyone has the opportunity to

Psychology of Liars

            Cheater, phony, deceiver, deluder,
and fibber. These words all have a similar definition to the word liar.
However, does that mean we know the psychological meaning behind the word liar.
On average sixty percent of adults lie within the first ten minutes of having a
conversation. This doesn’t mean that everyone is a liar, but this statement
proves that everyone knows how to process a lie. In society, telling a lie today
could to serious time in jail or possible an unintentional death. People today
let little lies grow into lies that causes conflict upon themselves. But, with
little lies becoming bigger and uncontrollable lies; how do they begin?

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            The mindset of a liar is a common
stage that begins in child development. Kang Lee, a psychologist at the
University of Toronto, has explored how children become more experienced liars
as they age (Bhattacharjee). However, as you
get older; everyone has the opportunity to begin to end their child habit of
lying and begin to start being honest. On the other hand, other children begin
to have their habit of lying to grow and expand as they age into their teenage
years. By this time, their mind leads into deception giving them the need to
fulfill something in their life for all of the lies they’ve told just to keep
their personality that they built through their lies. Even though the one kid
that always lied has turned into an adult. That doesn’t mean he ended his habit
of lying. However, this doesn’t mean he’s keeping this habit because he wants
to. Since, he’s been lying his whole life, he doesn’t have a choice but to keep

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On the contrary, most of the time people lie to inflate their image all
the time, a way that might explain this best is when President Donald Trump’s wife
quoting Mrs. Obama speech on her MLK message. She plagiarized basically saying
that it was her own speech instead of hers. Melania Trump didn’t just lie to
the public by accident. She allegedly used her speech to impose she was
attempting to make a good impression with a powerful speech. However, research
has consistently shown that people’s ability to detect lies is no more accurate
than chance of flipping a coin. This finding holds across all types of people —
students, psychologists, judges, job interviewers and law enforcement personnel
((Personality and Social Psychology Review, 2006) Zimmerman 2016).

            The question of, why do
people lie? Is a common question that has multiple answers that doesn’t quite
answer the question. People in today’s society, lie not for fun but to get a
message across. It’s no longer just one simple lie that someone can tell to someone
else. Lies are set up to the point where, once your finfish coming up with a
good lie. The one receiving the lie, wouldn’t be able to determine if it’s a
lie or not. There’s two of the most common lies in todays’ society. The first
one is
the white, social, “harmless,” flattering, expedient lie. These are
supposed to result from the desire to improve social profiles by protecting
another person’s feelings. It is thought of as common and even beneficial, and
is unlikely to cause the teller embarrassment
(Furnham p1). The
second most common lie is the “salesman” lie. The only purpose of the salesman
lie is only to drag your mind into getting an amazing deal or outcome on what
they’re telling you. In fact, however they’re setting you up for a long term
investment that could you to outrageous expenses or outcomes dealing with the
people around you (Furnham p2).

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Another reason for why people
lie, other than to make a sale for their job; is just simply to make you feel
less of a human and to make them feel as if they’re above you. People like this
have a sole passion to hurt other individuals, so that they can feel better
about the event that has contributed to their life. However, the most
compulsive liar you know is probably the person you see staring back at you out
of the mirror every morning. You may never notice how many lies you tell
throughout the day until someone notices that you’ve been lying to them while
having a normal conversation. Be that as it may, there is an evolutionary
explanation for the ubiquity of the lie. Self-deception, it seems is actually a
form of self-defense (Feldman). For example, one reason why we lie to ourselves
is to maintain our self- esteem. Most healthy people maintain a functioning
level of self- confidence by selectively editing a rolling mental biopic, highlighting
the good bits and cutting out our flaws for no one to see (Feldman).         

all liars are low down people behind closed doors but, all liars know how to
create a lie that’s good enough for no one to notice. Liars plot, and plot in
order to create a big lie about themselves. In fact, many Hollywood actors and
actress have lied about their image or something they’ve did in their life. For
example, the movie film ‘The Hoax’, an author Clifford Irving (Richard Gere), with accomplice Richard Suskin
(Alfred Molina), attempts to pull off one of the greatest media scams of the
century. He writes a fake biography of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes,
claiming that Hughes authorized it, and sells the book to
publishing giant McGraw-Hill (Young). This shows that liars plot and scheme
their way into using other people for their own personal gain and making a
pathway for themselves to be successful.           

Another example of how not all liars hide
behind closed doors, Journalism and fake news being broadcasted to the public
is yet another strong way of lying in today’s society. The world

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revolves around the news, and information for
the public to see. However, news and journalist create “fake news” or fake
stories just so that someone will purchase their newspaper or to get their
ratings higher for their show. Unfortunately, this has a bad effect on the
people their creating these unrealistic stories on. Some of today’s famous
people and artist constantly deal with hearing their name be somewhere it
shouldn’t be. In the article “The Fall Gal” they criticize a film named, “Shattered
Glass”. This film is based on a true story of Stephen Glass, who was a hot
young property on the 1990s magazine scene until the editors at The New
republic realized in 1998 that many of his stories were in fact elaborated
constructed, imaginative fakes (Nussbaum). Just from this
example shows that journalist look for upcoming artist and celebrities just to
create rumors about them for their own gain of their company. Journalist are
contributors to people who lie on the daily in order to protect their image. However,
not all journalist creates fake news but, if ratings go down for the company. Reporters
will do whatever they can do in order to keep their company and their job alive.

However, even after you catch people in the act
of lying, they still continue to lie. But, after a while liars are able to
break down until they can no longer keep their streak of lies. From this point,
liars only have one choice and that’s to better themselves. Ending a liars’
streak of lies is difficult for the liar because, they have to find closure for
everything they have lied about. Then, they must go out and seek what caused
them to be on their endless path of lies and the need to misuse other’s trust. From
the words of a dated philosopher, Baltasar Gracian, “A single lie destroys a
whole reputation of integrity.” Basically meaning that a lie can ruin their
moral principles of what honesty means.



            Due to the fact that every human is born the knowledge of
lying, it’s only for human to realize when to stop lying and to change their
lifestyle path. Other’s may agree to disagree by stating that lying hurts the
truth from other people. However, lying gives a deeper pain by letter the other
person know that you can’t be honest with them because you don’t trust that individual.
No matter what goes on in today’s society, someone is being lied to about
something every ten seconds out of the day. You won’t be able to detect a liar
until you look in the mirror to detect yourself lying. On the other hand, even
though telling the truth will bring the good out of others showing that you
trust them. Lying is what makes our world go round by hiding facts from
citizens and others to protect people for things that should and should not
know. The only thing for citizens to do in order to deal with liars is to know
the unknown. Because, for you to know everything it’ll ruin the joy of knowing
the unknown. 


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