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Psychology time. The game I’ve created is

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Board games are a perfect way to actually understand what Psychology means. The way people act when they win/lose or when the answer questions right/wrong, is a good measure of behavior in a competitive situation. Trivial Pursuit is a game that tests a person’s ability to answer questions under pressure. The players must use knowledge to make as little mistakes as possible to try and win the game. The way I set up my game is similar to the original version, but quite different at the same time. The game I’ve created is Psychological Pursuit. The way the game works is that players use their knowledge of Psychology to answer the questions given to them. When they get the questions right they are then able to keep the question they answered. Once they have collected each color of the color cards they are then able to return to the center to answer a question and try to win the game. The questions asked in the game are based on past test questions and vocabulary learned throughout the class. Psychological Pursuit is not only intellectually stimulating, but board games are scientifically proven to better your well-being. Board games are beneficial to your mental health. They make you laugh, which increases endorphins and promote happiness. The release of endorphins also lowers blood pressure. Playing board games reduce daily stress, which in time strengthens your immune system. They develop cognitive skills such as problem solving. Building cognitive skills at young ages help decrease the risk of Dementia and Alzheimers during old age. Board games develop emotional skills in which individuals understand how to handle winning or losing with grace and good manners. Many board games require some knowledge before actually playing the game. As well as, encouraging players to understand patterns of the game, and predict the outcome of alternative moves. Board games are much more than entertainment. They provide more intellectual stimulation than most people are willing to admit as well as developing skills that can be used in everyday life. The way my board game will be used in the classroom will be beneficial in more ways than one. It promotes growth in all aspects of a person. Students will learn something and perhaps do better on an exam than they thought they would. They also will be de-stressing, laughing and strengthening their cognitive skills. They can also understand how people are going to react in certain situations. The strategic means to get all the colors, and the brain power it takes to answer the questions make this the perfect game for a Psychology class.


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