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qasd and the Hadith do not give

qasd A resolution, objective or aim.

qawwam An administrator or manager, chiefly the person who sorts out the affairs of a business, educational establishment or even a household. The qawwam of a household is often interpreted as meaning the male elder or the father, and that the women of the house are subservient to him. However, in its literal sense this is not the case, and many Muslim households have the wife or a daughter as the qawwam.

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qiblah, qibla, kiblah, qiblih The direction Muslims must face when praying to Allah. At present, the qiblah is Mecca, but in the early days of Islam it was the Noble Sanctuary, Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. Mosques have a niche, known as a mihrab, which identifies the direction towards which the congregation must face when praying.

qimar, qimer A deal whereby the condition for a property to be successfully delivered depends on an unknowable or uncertain event. It is essentially gambling and is forbidden in Islamic transactions.

qirad Another name for mudharabah, a joint business venture where one or more parties provides the capital and others actually run the business.

qiyamah, qiyama The resurrection, which Muslims believe will precede Judgment Day.

qiyas, qiyaas Reasoning, analysis, comparison and judgement, one of the means of arriving at legal conclusions where the Qu’ran and the Hadith do not give an opinion on a specific action under consideration. The aspect under consideration will be compared with a similar item that does have specific resolutions in the Qu’ran.

quadaa The act of paying off a debt.

qubul Acceptance.

quirat A gold coin used during the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

Qullays, al- Literally meaning high and lofty to describe its location and architecture, this was a cathedral built by the Christian ruler of southern Arabia (present-day Yemen), Abraha, as a rival to the Ka’bah in Mecca. Abraha would later try to destroy the Ka’bah militarily but was prevented from doing so by his elephants’ refusal to enter the city of Mecca and an alliance of Meccan tribes joining forces to defeat him (hence the name the Year of the Elephant being given to the year). He is believed to have been injured during the battle and died on the way home.


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