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Reading students nowadays are focusing more on

Reading is a skill that is
learned by everyone since the school year started. This is being build up by
allowing the children to read books, magazines and other stuff that could
developed or enhanced their reading skill. This kind of skill needs to develop
by everyone especially nowadays that millennials are more attached in their
gadgets and social media than in books.

Reading is considered as an essential
skill for people. This is a basis of the knowledge in everything. It could
enhanced their thinking and widen their imagination by just reading different
books whether it is fictional or not. It could developed their critical
thinking by understanding the book that they are reading and by having a deep
comprehension about it. It is better to read books and magazines than to play
video games and gadgets because reading can develop not just their imagination
but other skills like vocabulary and grammar. These skills are very important
because they can use these as an advantage in seeking job in the future.

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Most of the students nowadays
are focusing more on their computers and having a social life in social Media rather
than holding and reading books. This is also the main reason why most of people
did not know how to speak and use grammar properly because of lack of reading
interest, even their knowledge in speaking and communicating are also affected.
Internet is easier to use than books but the knowledge that they can acquire
from books are more reliable than from the internet. Another factor that can
affect reading interest is the environment of the readers; family can be one of
these. One member of the family loves reading then, there is a possibility to
influence other members of the family. Another one is the reading materials,
most of the students chose to use internet and their gadgets for it is more
convenient than books. Some books are so expensive that readers can’t afford but
still, if you want a deeper knowledge and more reliable information only books
can provide and can give you that.


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