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Rebelling, with your parentages. Recently I just

Rebelling, rebellious, rebel.
What is the meaning of rebel? According to a source online called urban
dictionary, created by  Aaron Peckham It means “person
who refuses allegiance a person who stands up for their personal opinions
(Peckham, Aaron)”. What causes young children and young adults to rebel against
their parents. On a website called Quora.com, states that “teenage rebellion
was a normal stage of human development.” Everyone is enabled to their own views
and ideas.

You may ask why children and
young adults rebel against their parents? When it comes to the subject
rebellion, it can be either positive or negative mark depending on the
situation. According to a website called life coaching for parents.com article title, ten reasons “why teens rebel” by Tori
Henderson. “Most young children and adults rebel against their parents because
they need more freedom. Children and young adults need time away from parent’s closeness
and stresses of life (Henderson, Tori)”. I can relate to the statement because
me being a young I understand the part on having more freedom. Let me share a
brief story about me. So, me being a young adult, you’re always going to have
to make decisions that you don’t want to partake and you always going to have
debates and arguments with your parentages. Recently I just turned 19. I’m at
an age where I can handle situations practically on my own and make good
judgement. For an example, every time I want to go out with my friends, she
constantly always wants to know where I’m at all the time. And I know she wants
to know that I am safe and she just being protective, but at the same time it’s
like “let me live”. Some Parents can be very overprotective. This why children and young adults feel meticulous
by their parents, they feel that they cannot impact their individual
forthcoming, because they feel stuck. They’re likely sheltered and want to explore
being responsible for themselves. Therefore, most young adults and children
rebel against their parents.

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