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Renewable behind other continents in renewable energy

energy is an
inexhaustible form of energy that is generated through a natural processes,
that ensures a continuous replenishing of the energy within a short time frame.
Renewable energy includes energy from sunlight, energy generated from wind,
hydropower, thermal and other forms of biomass. There has been an increase in the use of renewable energy  in recent years as a result of increase in the
awareness and concern about other sources of energy which has been dimmed to affect
the climate negatively . This awareness lead to a global shift to renewable
energy generation and consumption. Also, the development of renewable energy
was further given a boost through various incentive programs embarked upon by
government in many countries of the world. These incentives has helped to
increase generation and use of clean energy around the world. While there has
been a huge progress in the adoption of renewable energy around the world ,Africa
is still far behind other continents in renewable energy generation and
consumption. Electric power in many African countries is still inaccessible,
unaffordable, and largely unreliable (AFDB, 2012). About 90% of the rural
population in Sub-Saharan Africa has no access to electricity, with Ethiopia,
Kenya, Mali and Sierra Leone among the most severely under-powered (AFDB, 2010).
In Nigeria for example, electricity is still very unreliable and expensive, and
has been a major clog in her quest for economic development . Different
political parties often make energy one of their major campaign topics during
election, with promise to improve electricity generation and supply when voted
into power, but this has often time ended as just being a campaign promise , as
the situation  do not change when voted
into power. Africa is rich in renewable resources and could benefit from the
increasing use of renewable energy, such as hydro-power(potential estimated
around 1,750 TWh) and geo-thermal energy (estimated at 9,000 MW), but this huge
potential has remained untapped (Chronicles,
2015) .
The renewable energy resource potential in Africa has not been fully exploited,
mainly due to limited policy interest by the government of most African
countries and low levels of investment by investor in energy resources region
(Karekezi and Ranja, 2003). Also, local investors and entrepreneurs lack of technical
and financial capacity has further contributed to the low adoption of Renewable
energy technology on the continent.

What are the benefits of renewable energy in Africa?

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energy technologies can play a major role in Africa’s energy sector and overall
economic development if the right approach is used. It can also play a major
role in national development in terms of job creation and generation of income,
as well as promoting  environmental
sustainability. Policies aimed at sustainable energy should involve all
stakeholders , and should be implemented at national, regional and sub-regional


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