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Reviews stronger. Without Sensodyne, my teeth are

Reviews for Sensodyne Toothpaste


I would like to share with you the people’s reactions and review ratings for Sensodyne Toothpaste recently reported on the internet. Here are the some of the top positive and critical reviews for Sensodyne that you may agree with too.

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Top positive customer reviews

Recommended by my dentist

By Patricia

Ever since I started using Sensodyne, per recommendation from my dentist, I noticed that my teeth are whiter and stronger. Without Sensodyne, my teeth are more sensitive to cold. Thus, I highly recommend Sensodyne to everyone!

It works for sensitive teeth

By Anna


This toothpaste is definitely the best recommendation from my dentist. It really helped me to overcome sensitivity issue so it’s a real solution to stop sensitivity.















Top Critical Reviews

Bye Sensodyne 

By Chris 

Last year, I started using Sensodyne, and since then, I feel pain in my front teeth. I didn’t realize that, actually, the toothpaste was the main reason for the pain!

I still have the same problem, although I started using Tom’s of Maine for sensitivity.

Could you please provide some recommendations that would replace the potassium nitrate?

My feedback:  

Firstly, you should go to the dentist and check if your sensitivity is caused by some dental problems.

If your teeth are healthy, I recommend using Colgate Prevident, which is not only a toothpaste for sensitivity, but it also provides cavity protection. 

In general, sensitive teeth are exposed to receding gums and cavities. This toothpaste prevents both issues.

For more content about receding gums click here.

For more content about Colgate Prevident toothpaste click here.

Sensodyne is not helpful at all 

By Mary Lu

I must say that I had a terrible experience with Sensodyne. Last night I used Sensodyne for a very first time. I felt pain in my teeth the moment I started brushing my teeth.

My mouth tasted like a disgusting liquid sugar and I threw the toothpaste in the garbage.

It dries my mouth

By Anonymous 

I also had a bad experience with Sensodyne.

I stopped using Sensodyne regular because it seemed that my teeth became more sensitive ever since I started using it, so I switched to Sensodyne Proenamel. All I got was a dry mouth and long-lasting chemical taste in my mouth.

This site helped me to find out the reason for my problems.

Now I am using Colgate Sensitive because I have never experienced any inconvenience


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