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Russia, suffered the losses of around 1,000

Russia, Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire went to war in 1853 because of a disagreement of religions. Most of the war took place in the Crimean Peninsula but it was also fought in other places around it as well. Before 1853, Russia was the most powerful empire at the time. It supported the Russian Orthodox church. An argument broke out between Russia and the Ottoman Empire concerning religious privileges. The Ottoman empire soon declared war on Russia in 1853.In 1854, France and Britain joined the Crimean war. Britain wanted more control of the Black Sea though, instead of more religious control. The decided that they should destroy the Russian’s main naval base. The battle of the Alma took place on September 20, 1854. Alma was besieged by the Allies’ troops. The Allies won the battle, but the British suffered the losses of around 1,000 men. The battle of Balaklava took place on October 25, 1854. The Russians had attacked Balaklava to cut off the British’s main source of supplies. The battle’s outcome was not determined.One of the most notable occurrence during the battle of Balaklava, was the Charge of the Light Brigade. Although their orders were questionable, the soldiers rode into battle against Russian weapons and forces. It was a suicide mission. The battle of the Inkerman took place November 5, 1854. It was said to be on of the bloodiest battles in the entire war. It was a very foggy morning and the fog masked the figures of incoming Russians. Russians had brought heavy artillery and surprise attacked the Ally troops. Although the Allies’ troops had not expected the attack, they won the battle.In 1855, Sardinia-Piedmont begins to supplies some of its troops to the allies and thus enters the war.The siege of Sevastopol began October 17, 1854. It was a major operation during the Crimean War. Sevastopol fell on September 11, 1855 ending the 11 month battle. Around the end of the war, Russia released its control of the city Kars to Turkey in exchange for Sevastopol, Balaklava, and other of its captured cities.The road to peace was seeked fairly quickly. Russia signed the peace treaty of Paris on April 15, 1856. The Russian’s were faced with humiliation, and the power system was left unbalanced. Also, the country of Austria was left without an ally due to the fact that Austria had come to Russia’s aide during the war. Russia had lost a lot of control in Europe due to the peace treaty, and it’s imperial powers were soon lessened.


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