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Ruth knew a black person wouldn’t help

Ruth is a strong, religious, and unprejudiced person. Ruth shows the trait of being strong in the beginning of the novel. Ruth and her son, James got mugged by two black men. She had food her stepdaughter gave for the kids at home and her purse. The muggers came for the purse but Ruth held it tight and didn’t scream or call for help. Eventually, the men pushed Ruth to the ground and took the purse. James, shocked, stood there thinking why his mother didn’t scream for help. Ruth told him “It’s just a purse,…Don’t worry about it. Let’s just get home.” (pg 34) The reason Ruth got mugged was that the robbers saw a woman with a different race with a black child. This example reveals Ruth didn’t care about the purse or what she had in it, she only cared about her son and didn’t want him to get hurt. This shows how Ruth only wanted her son protected and even though she might have lost all her money or credit card, she was strong and didn’t show it to her son. She didn’t scream or ask for help because she knew a black person wouldn’t help her and if a white person came and saw her with her black son, they would’ve turned away. She was strong enough to deal with the issue herself and fought for her purse and protected her son. Ruth’s love and belief for god made her a religious person. Ruth loved going to church and believed in God. She got her kids to go to church and always wanted them to believe in God and love God. The children did go to church with her every Sunday, even though she was the only white person there, “Mommy loves God. She went to church each and every Sunday, the only white person in sight…” (pg 45). This example shows how much Ruth loved God and believed in him. Even though no one wanted her there because she was white and everyone else was black, she still went because of the trust and faith she held in God. She trusted God and gave him her life so he can direct her and show her the right ways. Ruth is an unprejudiced person. She was never racist to anyone. Even though she experienced discrimination and racism against her and her family, she was never racist. She saw Jewish being racist to whites and blacks, blacks being racist to Jews and whites, and whites being racist to Jews and blacks. She married a black man not caring about what the world would think and respected his race. When she moved to New York, she lived in a city where only black people lived and had no problem with that. Her kids were black and always taught them not to be racist and to respect other races, “…I asked her whether God was black or white. A deep sigh. “Oh boy…Gods not black. He’s not white. He’s a spirit.” “Does he like black or white people better?” “He loves all people. He’s a spirit.” “What’s a spirit” “A spirits a spirit.” “What colour is God’s spirit?” “It doesn’t have a colour,” she said. “God is the colour of water. Water doesn’t have a colour.” (pg 50-51) Ruth believed that everyone is the same since God created everyone. She treated everyone equally and thought everyone was equal. She believed God didn’t have a colour and told her children that too. This evidence shows Ruth was unprejudiced and believed everyone was the same and equal. These examples show that Ruth was a strong, religious, and unprejudiced daughter, wife, and mother.


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