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Saudi’s factors in the development of IMA.

Saudi’s posit
themselves as moderate:


The change in Saudis leadership and Mohammad
bin Salman adventurism has one of the factors in the development of IMA. Salman
is bestowed as liberal leader and leading the kingdom towards reform and
modernity. In the eyes of world, Saudi Arabia desire to display itself as a
country who discards any act of violence and terrorism. Sebastian Sons an
associate parallel at the German Council of Foreign Relations said. “In
this regard, the fight against terrorism is a main pillar of the political
agenda of Muhammad bin Salman in portraying himself as a modern, mainly secular
leader of a ‘new Saudi Arabia.’1

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Liberating the world from Islam phobia:

Jihad as an ideological warfare against non-Muslim, a hopeless
misrepresentation of concept that is the essential belief of Islamic Faith and
ethics, led to the rise in islamophobia especially since 9/11. The terrorist
activities of Al Qaeda and ISIL linked Islam with violence, so this image can
be altered by forming such alliance to demonstrate that Muslim is not the
promoter of Violence and extremism. IMA may offer an opportunity for Muslim
majority countries to explicit the correct notion of Islam, which can be
influential to hinder terrorist to misuse religion for their nefarious
activity. A journalist Imad Hussain in this connection writes that “this will
not only help with discouraging the misuse of religion for terror recruitment
but will also help in building trust between the Muslim and non-Muslim world.’2

Threat Perception:

light of new policies which Obama administration took towards Asia, has
increased the role of Iran in Middle East. The Iranian role in Syria, Iraq and
especially in Yemen which has close border with Saudi Arabia increased the
threat perception for Saudis. They also have the threat of Terrorism. Now the
Saudi Arab cannot completely rely on US, they need new ally to fill this vacuum
to remain its power.


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