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School’s contact information:Name of Institution: Douglas CollegeAddress: Coquitlam Campus – 1250 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7X3Email and Phone Number of Nursing – Bachelor of Science:Maureen Clarke – Program Support and Services [email protected] at Douglas are completely based on course load. The minimum course load required for student loan purposes is 60% (or 40% if the student is approved by StudentAidBC with a permanent disability). Courses that the students have taken that are repeated to improve their grade are not counted as a part of their 60% course load.40% = 6 credits, 60% = 9 credits, 80% = 12 credits, and 100% = 15 credits.Douglas has a limited number of scholarships available for students who have received a record of excellence.Background Information:Douglas was founded in 1970, by Sir James Douglas, the Father of modern British Columbia. The college’s main goal is to include, support, and welcome students from all kinds of  backgrounds. Douglas is the largest degree-granting college in all of British Columbia. There are about 24,000 students attending Douglas each year. It has 2 major campuses in Metro Vancouver (Coquitlam and New Westminster). Douglas also has other smaller training centres in Maple Ridge, Surrey, and Burnaby. Each campus is directly on Skytrain lines, which makes Douglas one of the most accessible post secondary institutions in Metro Vancouver.The Pros of Going to Douglas:Douglas offers many bachelor’s degrees and post-degree programs. It is noted for building a great foundation for students in the academic foundations of a university, with also preparing the students for university, if they are interested in continuing their studies at a higher institution.At Douglas, students can do and learn what they love, and pick any career that suits their personality and interests. Douglas encourages every student to explore and discover their new passions, strengths, and dreams. They try their best to support every person who applies at their school, and teaches them to get motivated, and hustle to learn, grow, and become.Students can explore their degree, career, and university transfer programs. Douglas has an extremely large amount of information sessions, and welcome anyone with open arms. Douglas is willing to help anyone find their course that is right for them.The Cons of Going to Douglas:One of the main struggles that all Douglas students tend to agree on though are the class registrations. Since Douglas is such a high-demand school for students, the waiting lists for classes, especially for the more popular classes, are extremely long.Douglas itself has a reputation for being the type of school for students who do not already know what they want to do in their future. There even is a common nickname of the school, “Dougy Daycare.” But realistically, Douglas over the past decade has made countless positive changes in people’s lives. Douglas has evolved to a more respectable school. With the smaller class sizes, affordable tuition, many degree programs to choose from, and tons of student resources, Douglas is slowly turning into more of a first choice program than a “backup plan.” Current Enrollment:Douglas has approximately 24,000 students attending their college each year. More than 16,000 students (including 3,000 international students from over 90 countries) take for-credit courses at Douglas.Douglas’ Philosophy/Mission:Their Motto is “Do what you love. Be good at it.”Douglas, like all schools, has their own core purpose. For them, it is providing educational experiences that challenge, enlighten, and welcome them to open doors to lives of passion and purpose. The institution’s vision is to recognize and provide the most inspiring and relevant undergraduate experience in B.C., acting as a bridge for students to enter university with the employer-ready skills of a college.Process for Application/Academic Requirements:Students either apply online at https://www.douglascollege.ca/ or with the help of one of the advisors in Douglas College.Students who apply to Douglas must meet these admission requirements:    •    General College Admission Requirements    •    English 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)    •    Biology 11 or 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)    •    Foundations of Math 11 or 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)Each student who apply to Douglas also must satisfy at least ONE of these following criteria:    •    BC secondary school graduation (or the equivalent in another school system)    •    One course short of BC secondary school graduation    •    19 years old by the end of the first month of the first semester of attendance    •    17 years old on the first day of the first semester of attendance and has not been in school for at least one year    •    Completion of a certificate or equivalent from a special needs program and has been in school for 12 years?For the Bachelor’s of Nursing, it is in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The course is six semesters long, is a full-time learning format, and offers 124.0 credits for each student who is in the program.The Nursing Program at Douglas College prepares the students who graduate committed to excellence in the professional practise and who will be able to contribute to the health and well-being of each individual, across a future of care needs. Students who graduate the BSN program will be educated to provide safe, smart, and compassionate nursing care.Students should be aware that the BSN program is a full-time rigorous program, and the workload and intensity are demanding. All learning experiences and courses are critical to each student’s success.Specific Program of Study I Plan to Take in My First Year:The admission requirements of the Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) program are the following points (each student must complete 30 university transfer (UT) credits, with a minimum grade of C+ (65%) in each 3 credit course):    •    BIOL 1103, BIOL 1203, BIOL 2200, BIOL 2401    •    ENGL 1130 and one UT ENGL elective course    •    MATH 1160 or PSYC 2300    •    3 credit UT Social Science/Humanities elective    •    6 credits UT electives


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