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Self-Reliance and transcendentalism Essay

Many people in our universe are frequently seeking to be autonomous ; seeking to do it on their ain and be original in thought and true to themselves. Many of those people end up conforming and making what has been done in the yesteryear. They end up walking down the worn out way that so many have walked before. However. a celebrated author named Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that you need to venture off the chief way and research new thoughts if you truly want to be great.

Emerson was one of the most celebrated illustrations of a transcendentalist. Transcendentalists were fundamentally Idealists. but in a more practical sense. They believed that all people should endeavor to make their ends and work hard till they reach human perfectibility. During his clip period there was a great sum of positive growing in America and national individuality doing many reforms in societal. political. literary. and spiritual facets of America. Transcendentalists believed that everything was a contemplation of the Divine Soul. When you begin to believe about it many people in modern twenty-four hours life have many transcendentalists like qualities ; many people try to work to be perfect and don’t halt boulder clay they are at that place.

Emerson brought away many bold and new thoughts in his essay Autonomy. One of the chief idea of his essay was that if a individual wants to be great. they must be come up with wholly original thoughts and stick with them as shown when he writes “Else. to-morrow a alien will state with masterly good sense exactly what we have thought and felt all the clip. and we shall be forced to take with shame our ain sentiment from another. ” He said that there was cipher to learn the great authors of his clip period. therefore if you want to be remembered for your illustriousness you must get down your wholly new manner of idea. He writes his celebrated line. “A foolish consistence is the hobgoblin of small heads. adored be small salesmen and philosophers and diviners. With consistence a great psyche has merely nil to make. He may every bit good concern himself with his shadow on the wall. ” This is stating that consistence can be a job. If you strive to be consistent in all things. you live harmonizing to a form. you are afraid that people might look down on you for seeking something new. Emerson’s thoughts in his essay were fundamentally those of transcendental philosophy.

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As a typical modern twenty-four hours adolescent. I find it quiet interesting to look back at how much more autonomous my equals around me and I have become over all the old ages. I used to trust on my female parent doing my tiffin and look intoing my prep. but now it’s all up to me. Many people that are near my age attempt to get down their ain ways ; some try get downing a set. shirt company. web site or something else wholly original. On the other manus. some teens have apparently become less autonomous. Many end up conforming. seeking to suit in. have oning what everyone else wears and making what everyone else says is cool. They will make what of all time it takes to suit in with the crowd. Personally. I believe that no 1 can be one hundred per centum autonomous. or at rental it isn’t for the best. there must be a balance. You must come up with your ain ideas and believe in yourself. but you can’t survive by yourself. I think to go autonomous you must acquire aid from others foremost and larn and be taught how to make something new. but non what.

There are many illustrations of transcendental philosophy and Emerson’s Self Reliance in today’s modern twenty-four hours society. There are illustrations everyplace you look ; in the media. vocals. T. V. shows. and many other topographic points. One strong illustration of nonnatural idea is in the vocal Prisoner of Society by The Living End. The vocal lines are. “We don’t need no 1 to state us what to make. Yes were on our ain and there’s nil you can do” stating that they are out by themselves and they will non be influenced by what others say. they are doing up their original idea. Another illustration of a transcendental like individual is Bill Gates. He took a trade name new thought that was ne’er thought of earlier and go one of the richest most successful work forces in history. We use Microsoft merchandises twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours all because of him lodging with original idea.

Emerson brought up many points in Autonomy that are still highly valid in today’s society. and there are many illustrations of people who demonstrate these nonnatural traits. Many of us struggle to seek to make autonomy. and others don’t much attention for it and don’t head remaining on the mainstream way. Emerson was a adult male that believed in original idea and that message was genuinely brought Forth in his essay ; we must seek to venture of off the chief trail and get down our ain.


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