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Social essential for the focus of analysis.

                                                                                                                                               Social Media Analysis Pre-writingUnit 1 Assignment 1 u01a1MBA6004 – Foundational Skills for Business LeadersCapella University – School of Business and TechnologyJaydeep ChaudhariJanuary 14, 2018       Pre-writing Approach            There are total four stages of writing. The first step is pre-writing. The main purpose of the pre-writing analysis is to find the focus of the project. Once you choose the pre-writing technique you may begin collecting ideas. The pre-writing analysis will help me find the focus if I have trouble limiting the topic and it will give me needed information for the project. There are different pre-writing approaches such as clustering, idea trees, and free writing.            Clustering approach simply means writing down anything that comes to your mind. It allows you to begin with unclear ideas, put them down in the center and then explore them around the center. Now you can find out what relationship is between those different ideas and you can put them in groups to focus on the topic you would like to research more on for the project. Free writing is an approach for those who can not think of something to write about. Basically, you just keep writing until a new thought comes in your mind. Idea trees can grow in any direction giving a wide range of ideas one can explore which is essential for the focus of analysis.             I used the idea trees approach for my research and writing. I believe this approach will allow me to gather ideas and suitable information that is easy to understand. According to Capella University writing center, idea trees have brainstorm roots, topic trunks, nonlinear branches, and subjective leaves.              By using idea trees approach of pre-writing, I can start with an idea, draw a line and add related ideas together like branches of a tree. Because I am a visual thinker, I will be able to see how different groupings of ideas relay with one another. By utilizing the idea trees approach, it will help me in emerging an analysis showing whether Patel Brothers will be able to use social media effectively to reach their customers and possibly new customers.Business Description            My business choice for this social media analysis project is an Indo-Asian grocery business with multiple locations in the Southern part of United States. The name of the business is Patel Brothers. I chose this business because my father is a general manger at Houston store and I believe they could do a better job with the use of social media.            This company provides Indian and Asian grocery with the variety of high-quality Indo- Asian snacks, sweets, tea, coffee, flours, rice, spices and more. They also provide catering for all kinds of events such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties, house parties and more. They are looking to grow their customers base by using flyer and pamphlets. Their services give flexibility based on needs and they work around customer’s schedule. Their employees are also well trained, kind and helpful.Reflection            Patel Brothers offer best prices on fresh vegetables, spices, and other goods compared to other Indo-Asian stores. They have a website to look at items they sell in the store and find out their locations in a state but unfortunately, they have not set up the internet and social media marketing for business. I really like to do online shopping for everything like lots of other people. It is very convenient. They offer store membership discount cards that you can use at any locations that make us feel we are valuable customers, it is a good strategy to hold on to your loyal customers.            Patel Brothers usually advertise their business with flyers and bill receipts. I think they will need more customers by increasing advertising and letting existing customers know about their weekly deals or new services about catering they are adding to the business to be more successful. That is why it is important for this business to use internet and social media for advertising such as emailing customers weekly specials and deals or list of sales items or making a Facebook page for people to follow. Simultaneously it will make them easily reachable to existing customers and make new customers. ReferenceCapella University Pre-Writing Strategies PDF file


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