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Society and Criminals Essay

Does society create criminals? “Society prepares the crime; the criminal commits it. ” In some respect I believe that the most prominent feature running through all reasons behind this crime is “society”. It is responsible for the way that people view crime. Many people see crime as glamorized in society and this compels them to commit it. Generally people are born sweet and innocent and are not automatically wired to commit crimes, or exhibit unacceptable behavior.

It is Society and Undesirable Circumstances that create criminals. The main factor that causes crime is “society”. For example, if a convict after spending a long term in prison wants to settle down in a normal way in society, the society looks at him as an untouchable. They are socially abandoned. This causes him to naturally go back to his criminal position. Is it his fault if he wants a new beginning? Or is it the society, that does not let him change?

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For example take a needy citizen who needs to fill his stomach he has no job or no way to earn a living so he becomes desperate and desperate people do desperate things and when he feels no one bothers about him he also stops bothering about people and with no hope in sight the drastic and possible illegal measures become an option. One of the major reasons is poverty. Poverty is often the cause of crimes such as theft, muggings, shoplifting, robberies etc.

I am not trying to tell that all poor people are criminals but nearly all criminals are poor if I had to feed a family so the so the easiest way would be robbing things or doing thefts for someone else and then sharing the profit or selling drugs. The degree of poverty often goes hand in hand with the amount of crimes committed. Money is often controlled by violent mob-type organizations and gangs who capitalize on the poverty of others. Children have few role models to look up to. A lot of people consider crime as an option as the think of making their lifestyles easier and also want to live in a more lavish way.

Committing a crime has also become very easy fire arms are easy to purchase from the black market and are available in the smallest of the sizes and therefore make it easy to hide. Similarly the free information available on the internet also makes it easy to commit crimes. Another reason is overpopulation. Due to overpopulation the number of people increases thus there is more want of jobs and when there are not enough jobs people resolve to criminal activity. There is no family planning in the society.

Most of the people living in the rural areas are uneducated and know nothing about family planning. Then there are also the beliefs according to which people prefer to have boys rather girls therefore in many cases end up having more than 2 or 3 children just to give birth to a boy child. Many people also think that the more children they have the more income they’ll get as there will be more people to support the family. As I earlier mentioned children have fewer role models to look up to. In most cases children have to go through a very harsh childhood. It is because of the poor parenting skills.

Poor parenting means that the child is neglected or abused. Also when there are parents who have a permissive or neglecting style of parenting. Permissive style is when they have no control over their children or have a few restrictions in such cases the child is free to do whatever he wants without anyone to guide him the parents are least bothered in what type of company his/her child is. Neglecting style is when the parents are detached or unengaged in their child’s life this causes a feeling of insecurity in the child. There is a juvenile delinquency.

This sometimes happen because the parents do not monitor their kids they do not see what he watches on TV or which site he is accessing. Most of it is violent or action as today’s people consider it to be but a sometimes kids try to copy it. A child’s brain can get affected easily as he does not know the difference between wrong and right. What happens between the parents may also affect the child usually a divorce or sudden death of a parent may result in serious consequences of the child views the society. Then there comes peer influence. Influence can carry people to commit crimes. This happens if you have a wrong choice of friends


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