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Sociotechnical but, are not limited to are

Sociotechnical is the first contemporary  management approach. The social system of the organization made up of  employees, and their way of behaving, and understanding of the jobs they do. The technical systems consist of the resources that the workers require in order to complete the job. These most likely include techniques, tools and devices. If the systems work together,  the organization will benefit from. With this approach, it means that employees are successful  when they are given the right tools and with the right knowledge to do the job.Quantitative management approach uses math and other numeric techniques to determine the quality of an organization. Some of these techniques include but, are not limited to are forecasting,  equations and test runs. By using this approach, managers also figure out issues within the company and helps the organizations make decisions. The organizational behavior approach helps the manager monitor the interaction between the organization and the people in it and how they work with each other. This approach gives the organization the ability to change by understanding the knowledge and skills of the employees. This approach is important in understanding the concerns of an employee, knowledge and skills. Environment  impacts the organization and  the organization also has an impact on the environment. The three environments that are important to an organization are the internal, macro and competitive environments. The environments and the open systems together are important components to the organization. The internal environment consists of what is within the organization and its impact. The internal environment are  the managers, employees, and the resources that  contribute to the the daily operations. The competitive environment is part of the rivals, the customers and the suppliers of the company. The macro environment  includes the government or rules and regulations, the demographics, economy, technology as well as the social values.Each one of the contemporary management approaches are relevant to the environments. If the internal environment provides the organization with structure that strong it will be easy to compete in the competitive environment. This is because each of the approaches takes into consideration all the elements that surround the organization. The success of an organization and the ability to make the right decisions is based on the element of the macro environment.


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