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Some permeability which can occur naturally or

Some oil and gas exists in a formation but cannot
flow readily into the borehole because the formation has a substantial amount
of very low permeability which can occur naturally or in most cases due to
formation damage near the wellbore caused by invasion of perforation fluid and
charge debris.

objective goal of stimulating a well is to increase the producing capacity of the
well by removing the damaged formation caused near the wellbore or by overlaying
a highly conductive structure onto the formation. Most widely used stimulation
techniques include hydraulic fracturing, frack pack, carbonate and sandstone
matrix stimulation (primarily acidizing), and fracture acidizing.

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 Each of these stimulation techniques is intended
to deliver an aggregate intensification in the productivity index, which can be
used either to increase the production rate or to reduce the drawdown pressure difference.
A reduction in drawdown pressure can support in preventing sand production and
water influx, and/or shift the stage balance in the near-well zone toward
smaller fractions of condensate. Wells created for injection purposes also take
advantage of stimulation in a similar manner.

planned well-stimulation methods on wells that flow naturally at higher rates gives
advantages that directly change the comportments in which we plan our wells
entirely and manage our reservoir, including higher after-stimulation flow
rates per well, better-sustained well productivity over time, minimization of near
wellbore backpressure and pressure drawdown, and more effective reservoir
drainage with time. The capability to realize developed flow rates in good
wells with stimulation is vital because of drilled-well cost savings.

the overall increase for each well is seen in fractions (20 to 200% rise)
rather than in numerous folds of increase, these increases are significant when
preliminary unstimulated flow rates are high. For example, a 20% rise in
production from five wells means that five stimulated wells will produce as
much hydrocarbon (and for a longer time) as six unstimulated wells since of the
improved reservoir drainage achieved with the stimulated wells. A large gas
well development project in the Middle East illustrates the advantages of stimulating
high-deliverability wells.

planning of drilling and completion of several new gas wells for the project,
requirements of well stimulation processes and procedures were considered in
well planning (e.g., selection of tubulars, well completions, and wellhead

involved the input of various engineering groups within the company, service
companies, and industry well-stimulation experts. In this region, gas is
produced from two deep, high-pressure carbonate and sandstone formations. In
the moderate permeability sandstone, hydraulic-fracturing 


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