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. I got knack of planning by this practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge which I got from my course in manufacturing planning and control. This was the first time I learnt how to use my engineering knowledge to application oriented things. Currently, I am working on the project ‘The World Towers’ which is one of the very unique high-rise buildings in India. I am working with client to understand the technical requirements of mechanical packages like refrigeration air conditioning for the whole building. I am also working on pumping and compression plant requirements of the site.  While working with Lodha, I do detailed engineering, interface management and technical finalization for procurement. I am setting the targets for the contractors for the planning department. I am also looking after material and manpower allocation. This process is giving me frontend experience of managing the smooth workflow which is of prime importance. I also look after inventory management. I identify if there is anything which will be required in future which will affect project’s progress by accessing the risk to identify right time to order. For finalizing the vendor, I compare the prices and technical specifications for the material. I act as a medium between vendor and client till the end to smoothen the workflow. As a part of commercial team after identifying contractor, I am one-point contact for them get all information for all contractors and vendors. I am gaining commercial aspects of how big real-world project works which is of utmost value for my overall development, but I want to get back to detailed technical part of mechanical engineering and want to build my further career in computational engineering domain and five years down the line, I see myself working in an industrial sector doing simulation work to optimize and increase productivity of various systems. My research on Mechanical Engineering master’s program in universities in United States reveals that the course content of at ASU will best suit my learning needs. This coupled with ASU’s dedicated teaching and research oriented faculty will give me sound knowledge in mechanical engineering. Through the courses on Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics by Huang, Huei-Ping, Finite Element Analysis and Advanced Computational Mechanics by Professor Jay Oswald, I would gain in-depth knowledge on computational mechanics. To further my career development in analysis and simulation, I would like to get involved in teaching and research activities of Professor Huang, Huei-Ping. ASU has convinced me that it is the finest and most apt place for my career development in the path that I have envisioned for myself. I appreciate the efforts graduate admission committee puts in meticulously sorting out the candidates which rightly fits the unique opportunity ASU must provide. I shall be pleased if the graduate admissions committee considers me eligible for the Masters of Science at Arizona State University.


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