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Southwest for attitude” philosophy. Employee are selected

Airlines has multiple key traits that have enabled Southwest’s success over the
years. Southwest is known around the world for their culture. Herb Kelleher,
the airline’s former CEO stated in an article Something Special About Southwest Airlines, “You put your employees
first and if you take care of them, then they will take good care of you, then
your customers will come back, and your shareholders will like that, so it’s
really a unity.” Southwest Airlines puts their employees’ happiness first above
customer satisfaction, in which often translates to going the extra mile for
their customers. Creating a workforce where employees enjoy where they work, who
they work with and who they work for motivates employees to take pride in what
they do.

            Southwest’s customers and role in
society helped Southwest Airlines earn recognition as an organically excellent
company. As mentioned in the article Southwest
Airlines’ Nonstop Culture: Flyer High with Transparency and Empowerment, “The
airline believed that by focusing on its employees’ happiness, fulfillment, and
development that workers would return the treatment to Southwest customers;
and, as Southwest’s high customer satisfaction rate indicates, this philosophy
has worked.” Southwest employees are known to have fun at work, and are
encouraged to bring this fun atmosphere to travels to boost their customer
experience level. ______ who wouldn’t want to remain to a company that has an
award-winning service with happy and friendly employees who go above and beyond
to satisfy their customers?

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            Southwest Airlines employee hiring
and promotion methodologies differ from traditional models of talent
acquisition and growth as Southwest Airlines have embraced the “hire for
attitude” philosophy. Employee are selected to join the Southwest team by their
personality and attitude not by their work experience with the belief that
skills can be trained and developed to service customers the Southwest way. 


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