Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Star (Lepidoptera: Gracillaridae) will cause a superficial

Star fruit trees are attacked by a number of pest such as scale
insects including plumose (Morganella
longispina) and philephedra (Philephedra
tuberculosa) scales, which is attack leaves and twigs, that give
symptom of defoliation and stem dieback. The diaprepes weevil (Diaprepes abbreviatus) is
attack the root causes damage to the roots, which might lead to root and shoot
dieback. Next, fruit damage is caused by stink bugs (Nezara sp.) and
squash bugs (Acanthocephala sp.)
that result in pinhole-sized markings on the fruit surface and dry areas of the
flesh of fruit and under the puncture wounds. Infection of fungi will cause soft
rot of the fruit. Fruit blotch miner (Lepidoptera:
Gracillaridae) will cause a superficial damage to the waxy cuticle and can be
identified by giving brownish colored trails on the fruit surface. Brown scales
(Coccus hesperidum),
red-banded thrips (Selenothrips
rubrocinctus) and a weevil (Myctides
imberbis) destroy the fruit by feeding on star fruit. Thus, birds,
opossums, and raccoons may attack fruit especially in early season. They will
give V-shaped marks left on the ribs of the fruit. This pest attack should be
control using organic pesticide, insecticide, fungicide and beneficial insect
or nematodes. This way of control called bio control that does not harm our
healthy. We can use biological spray take care of the stubborn bugs using
homemade remedies or buy pesticide spray made off organic plant material or
animal by product. Thus, the beneficial insects such lady bugs, aphids, and
nematodes that can kill over 230 bugs but safe for people and environment.

 Algal disease which is Cephaleuros virescens causes by Algae.The symptoms
is orange and rusty pustules on leaves, stems, twigs and fruit.
Besides, swelling tissue as leaves on infected also cause the twigs wilting and
turning yellow. Thus, the shoot will dieback. It is not a big problem but can affect the growth of tree. The
fungus is arise from water splash, disease emergence favors wet, humid
conditions and poor air circulation. To
control the disease we shoul maintain the proper irrigation, pruning and
fertilization regimes in star fruit plantations. Thus, using appropriate copper
based fungicides may be required to control the disease in severely infected
plantations. Other disease in star fruit plant is Pythium root rot (Pythium splendens or Pythium ultimum) caused by fungi also which give symptoms in canopy appearance
which has sparse shape, wilting during periods of water deficiency and
nutrient deficiencies. Rate of
disease is most higher during cool weather which is not optimum for the tree to
live. We should plant only disease-free
seedlings nursery stock and then plant in the areas with no history of the
disease. Thus, avoid planting trees in low lying areas. Next, othe disease
caused by fungus is Cercospora leaf
spot (Cercospora averrhoae). Give symptoms with many tiny necrotic or chlorotic spots on
leaflets and the spots grow larger. Thus fungus also give rise of reddish-brown
margins. Disease can be
controlled with applications of appropriate foliar fungicides regularly. Alternaria black spot (Brown spot) (Alternaria
alternate) and Anthracnose (Colletotrichum
gleosporoides) caused by fungus.
The symptoms are smalls
and brown spots on skin of the fruits. The fungi spread by wind and rain then
enter through wounds on the plant. The fungus also infected the leaves. To control this disease is by harvesting
the fruit without cause any wounds on the plant. Lastly, disease is caused by fungi is referred to flyspeck (Zygophiala
jamaicensis).This fungus will affect the surface of fruit by forming small
black dots in roughly circular pattern which can be rubbed off. Symptoms is
also resemble fly feeding damage and disease emerges in warm and wet condition but there are no recommended control
is suggested yet.

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