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Statement business. Hence, considering my long term

of Purpose

Organisations around world are facing rapid growth in
volume and complexity of data. Hence computation of such large and
undifferentiable data requires a different kind of approach. Also, global
shortage of data analytics talents had worsen the situation in international
business. Hence, considering my long term career goals, I  have felt the need  for augmenting my existing portfolio with
more advanced knowledge & skills through a graduate program in Data
Analytics at National University of Ireland, Galway.

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Through lots of analysis and consideration among
institutes, I got to know NUI Galway would provide me myriad of concepts and
understandings about data science.NUI Galway provides advance MSc Computer
Science under Information Technology discipline in collaboration with the
‘Insight Centre for Data Analytics’, which is Europe’s largest research centre
for data analytics. The IT discipline from NUI Galway has 25 year track record
of research, education and industry collaboration. The teaching faculties
knowledge and their vast experience would advocate me with practical
implementation at each complexities. MSc Computer Science (Data Analytics)
program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in emerging growth
area of data analytics. It has myriads of topics such as advanced machine
learning, data-mining, information retrieval, natural language processing and
web mining. It also includes foundational modules in topics such as statistics,
probability and programming for data analytics. NUI Galway would provide me an
opportunity to understand advanced data science by working on a project, either
with a research group or desertation partner.

In today’s market, a lot of independent business
owners require the services of a data scientist specialist. As a result, being
a data analyst, may be I am able to generate a personal client list over time,
a strategy which supplements my annual income while increasing my level of
expertise. Also their are other opportunities which I can grab on such as
development of innovative new products and services from data analytics, new
research and discovery through vast datasets(BigData), or opting for leading
edge start-ups which can provide solutions and services.

Exploring my options for acquiring the advanced skills
that I am craving for, I have had long interactions with my professors,
seniors, and education experts. To gain the advanced knowledge by engaging in
the learning process and also develop my personality to be industry ready would
be my priorities in this graduate program. After a stimulating internship, I
would seek gainful employment in the Indian software industry and contribute
significantly to their efforts at providing feasible solutions to the myriad
problems faced by the business sector.

Considering my under-graduation, I always tried to
deliberately convert my technical knowledge and ideas into feasible practical
applications. I got many opportunities to do so during the academic and outside
project work undertook during my studies. During my 4 years of work experience
after my under graduation, I have been exposed to the complete Banking
applications constructed using Mainframe server technologies and I have come to
understand the curious role played by networking and server applications in the
business world. Hence, I worked on multiple development assignments and
disparate technologies like Mainframe, IBM datastage, scheduler, and Unix from
abroad such as in Germany and in home country. Such an ample of work
experiences and personal skills will surely help me out in my intended

All these pursuits have helped me in enhancing my
management, leadership, and interpersonal skills and have made me a responsible
and socially aware human being. I am aware that the path ahead is no bed of
roses, but I am confident about meeting the challenges successfully by
leveraging my academic & personal attributes to the fullest. The
opportunity for MSc in Computer Science – Data Analytics may be viewed as
absolute investments of time and money, and also, they can provide a
significant impact on my long term professional development. Finally, I wish to
thank you  for the positive consideration
of my profile and look forward excitedly to the commencement of my learning


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