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Stems into specialized cells.During initial phases of

Stems cells are a type of undifferentiated cells biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells.During initial phases of development, all cells of the morula are totipotent but the cells begin to lose their totipotency and differentiate distributing into groups that will either become the placenta or the embryo.The inner cell mass of the blastocyst (which is a hollow ball formed after many rounds of division of the morula) has the capability to bring about to all of the bodies many cell types this is known as pluripotency all the cells in the body can trace their ancestry back to these cells.Stem cells are located in different areas e.g. 1. embryonic stem cells from the blastocyst 2. intestinal glands of the small intestine known as crypts near their bases. they maintain their own number but and the same time producing rapidly dividing progeny.3. the bone marrow which contains hemopoietic stem cells and stromal stem cells.Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disorder, it’s a common form of dementia and is caused by loss of neurons in the brain. When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s their nervous system regenerates too poorly to restore itself after injury or in this case brain cell death. Ideally, this is where stem cells would come in since they are able to divide and make copies of themselves indefinitely (aka self-renewal) but their division is not limited to creating more stem cells but can produce other mature cells like nerve cells.Embryonic stem cells are harvested from the blastocyst since these ESC’s exhibit pluripotency thus stem cell research poses a moral quandary as you are ‘BASICALLY DESTROYING HUMAN LIFE TO SAVE HUMAN LIFE’ or are you? What is the moral status of the early human embryo? Is it already a soul or is it a mass of inanimate cells like a plant? when does life begin? and if the early human embryo has begun life do we now say they are not deserving of protection like the basic right RIGHT TO LIFE. 


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