Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Story this disaster a doctor came in

Story Starters

air turned black all around me.  I could
barely see anything over the black smoke. 
I knelt down getting low as I could while grabbing the phone.  As I dialed 9-1-1 I could feel the door
getting hotter and hotter.  The police
answered the phone and said “what’s your emergency?” I spoke as loud as I
could but I could hardly breathe due to the smoke coming from underneath the
door, “it’s a fire at my apartment the address is 1243 Bumba ave.” The police
said the fire trucks were on the way. 
“Stay away from any doors and windows”, said the police.  While lying on the floor I could barely think
straight the only thing that was running through my head was that it was a
fifty-fifty chance of me living or losing my life.  As my mind was racing I heard sirens so I
started to get a bit excited.  I could
hear so many footsteps coming up the stairs to my room.  “Stand back as far as you can we’re coming
in”, said the firefighters.  BOOM… the
fire fighter grabbed me and ran me down the steps as fast as he could.  There I was lying on the stretcher breathing
heavily I couldn’t catch my breath so I had to put on a breathing mask.  The more I heard the siren the more nervous I
had gotten.  Before I knew it I was in
the emergency room.  Sitting up on the
hospital bed made me think … “how did the fire start?” “Is my house all burned
up and destroyed?” … as I’m thinking about this disaster a doctor came in with
a clip board asking me what hurts on my body & if anything do what’s the
scale on 1-10.  I was still in a state of
shock I didn’t want to talk to any doctors until I felt comfortable.  So the doctors said they would be back in a
slight sec.  I sat on the bed thinking
and thinking until it came to me.  “I
know what started the fire, I know exactly what happen. ” I remember putting a
pizza in the oven, I must have dozed off when I went into my room forgetting
that I was cooking.  Reaching for my
phone in such a hurry so I could call my mom to let her know what had
happen.  The phone rung all the way
through. Hmmm… Why isn’t she picking up the phone? “Knock knock, said the
doctor as she walked in the room she said you have a visitor.   There was the visitor my mother and little
sister. “OMG what happen to you”, said my mother. “I had put on a pizza but
went in my room crawled in my bed to watch a couple of shows but ended up
falling asleep.” My mother and I was by that time the doctor had told me she
was going to go get my discharge papers I could be released because nothing was
hurting on my body. While waiting on the doctor to come back in the room we sat
and talked. “Mom does that means I have to start all the way back over?”
“Pretty much” mother yelled out, How could you fall asleep knowing you had
something cooking?’ I didn’t mean to mom mistakes happens. The doctor finally
came in the room after hearing my mom complain for THIRTY minutes straight.
“Alright Ms. Russell you can go here are your papers. As we got walked down the
stairs leaving the hospital the only thing was running through my mind was the
things y mother had to say when we got in the car.  “GESH it’s going to be a long ride…” “You’re
absolutely correct” said mom …

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