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Stuck How money and finance unites all

Stuck in traffic, my mind wandered to the little kid leaping footpaths with bundles of newspapers in his hand larger than his size, selling them to someone buying it from the window of a Mercedes, and also to someone owning a vehicle with no window. This is something that first sparked my interest in finance; How money and finance unites all of us, be it a kid selling a newspaper, or a billionaire, it’s as simple as a medium of exchange for all. I remember two years back, I was travelling to Malaysia, and at the airport, there was this T-shirt that I really liked; whilst reading the tag, it was not the price that caught my eye but what read below it, ‘Made in Bangladesh’. And in that moment, I realized that this trip has connected me to many different people worldwide; I had come from an airline founded in Dubai, the plan probably manufactured in some other country, buying stuff that would finance taxes to the Malaysian government, but this little T-shirt made someone’s living in Bangladesh. See how Money was the link? This is what Finance is to me in the simplest of the forms. See, that’s what I believe, beneath the complex and vast layers that our financial markets hold, simplicity is intrinsic to the field of Finance. Each small grain of each transaction is what builds up huge financial and economic activities and hence from a very young age I have immersed myself in observing the power of finance in every aspect of life. In today’s multipolar world, where immense financial activity has broken down and created wealth for many, we see new forms of finance such as bitcoininvented, almost on routine and soon lose value, we’ve seen the world still suffering from the financial crisis back in 2008, but the beauty of the field of finance is that although its basic system encapsulates the usage and exchange of a basic commodity that is money, but to build an efficient and binding system to do so is challenging and hence requires profound understanding of the dynamic financial and economical markets, henceforth opens up numerous opportunities for us. Meanwhile Finance is crucial to the health of any system, accounting serves as a language of Finance itself. It’s the art of recording, classifying, summarizing and analyzing all the financial data, and therefore if supplementary to anyone who aims to study Finance. Hence the reason why I chose to study accounting and Finance is how its weaved with the threads of practicality yet the fabric is so complex and vast providing numerous avenues for almost every person. A doctor, engineer, artist, a florist, especially the president, each occupation requires finance to build on, and hence opportunities are never-ending.


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