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Student issues that would open up new


Course applying for-Masters of Security Science

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of Purpose

I think one of my most distinguishing
characteristic of diversity of experience I process. I am person with an
aptitude and deep interest in Masters of Security Science these elements have
gives me broad outlook, with varying degree with knowledge. I strongly believe
that although some are not related directly, this quality will influence my
graduate studies.

Lets I take this
opportunity to tell a few words about myself. I come from a family that values
education. I have completed my SSC 57%
from my school. I pursued my Diploma from INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES IN
Tech. degree in computer science from PACIFIC ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION &
CANDID INFOSYYS from 1st of Jan, 2017. The main duties are managing
office, welfare services. I still feel that my knowledge in this field is not


My intention to pursue
the master’s program in Security Science is to enable me to gain exposure to Network & Security,
Software & Database Engineering, Management
and Cultural Integration etc. In order to gain
understanding of this and related issues, it is essential for me to have a
strong base in issues connected with not just one field of Science but Software & Database Engineering.

I am interested in
factors that affect the competitive performance of a computer concerned and the
manner in which changes in technology affect organizational structure. I
believe that when it comes to my career I should chose the university which
would enable me to direct my quantitative and conceptual skills in analyzing
business issues that would open up new avenues in research and my career path
will be truly global in scope.   


The futuristic
technologies developed in France will obviously take me at least decay ahead
and will clarify some of the ideas more accurately, enabling me to stay ahead
of others. I am sure that education at your institute will
equip me with all skill and will give me that extra knowledge if international
and global skills. I understand and strongly feel the need of a certain depth
in perspective only Masters of Security Science education can give me. I
believe that I would vastly gain from the academic experience, as it would
provide me with the high intensity skills so important to take strategic
decisions at senior management levels. A masters from your university would
allow me to build on my work experience and chalk out a winning strategy for
the future. I realize that solutions almost never fall along the lines of a
classic academic theoretical framework. The case study method of teaching adopted
in your School incorporates into the curricula, experiences and real-world
situation faced by many organizations. Such teaching methodology would prepare
me for future challenges. This masters course would help me evaluate a problem
in it’s entirely. It would also help me to dissect a problem into its
components and identify the roots of a problem. This program would strengthen
my ability to link disparate elements of a situation and identify relationships
that might not be obvious. The co-operative learning School environment would
allow articulating new ideas and concepts through a process of discussion and
debate. I would also gain from meeting peers and professor and be able to forge
professional relationships that endure well beyond Schools. I would learn from
their experience and failures and try to understand what traits they carry that
makes them as successful as they have been. I find Masters Program in Security
Science at ESAIP to my need as I am confident that it enjoys international
reputation. I will be delighted to get educate in the country pledging for
equity, humanity and democracy.

Finally, I have set a
goal of pursuing higher studies in order to supplement my knowledge in an
environment, which is best suited for the purpose. I feel confident of what I
have decide for myself, only the path needs to be chartered with the help of a
delighting light to lead me on the way of my success. I want to do a master’s
at ESAIP, for varied reasons ranging from close friends, school professors, to
seniors at my work place highly recommending the program. I am also impressed
with emphasis placed on technical and analytical skills, general management
orientation and industry associations. The school’s strength in Information
technology and information management are commensurate with my interests the
faculty’s reputation for excellent reaching challenging course work and the
excellent facilities are of course added attractions.


Thanking you,









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