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tawaf a hundred lashes), or taking intoxicant

tawaf al-ifadah, tawaf az-ziyarah The act of walking around the Ka’bah in worship during the Hajj.

tawarruq A means of obtaining an interest-free loan during a time of immediate need. The lender buys an item on credit from a bank, with a deferred payment arrangement, then sells it immediately to a third party. It is known as a reverse murabahah, and is somewhat controversial, with some organisations such as the  Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) deeming it impermissible.

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tawhid The oneness of God, the concept of monotheism.

ta’wil Interpretation of the scriptures.

tawliyah Selling an item at the price for which it was bought, thereby making no profit.

taysir The concept of simplifying things.

tayyamum Symbolic ablution or pre-prayer washing, performed in the absence of water.

ta’zir, tazir Punishment handed down by a judge, often taken as meaning corporal in nature, but which are not specified in the Qu’ran or the Hadith, as many punishments are for their respective crimes. Ta’zir can also refer to the punishments for crimes that are specified in the Qu’ran and the Hadith ? for example, theft (amputation of the hand), illicit sex (death by stoning or a hundred lashes), or taking intoxicant (eighty lashes) ? but where the standard of evidence is not considered strong enough to impose these often irreversible punishments.

TCP Technical Co-operation Programme.

tekke A Turkish building for Sufi gatherings.

Ten Commandments, the The list of fundamental rules delivered to Moses (Musa), which are specifically listed in the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Although they are not listed in the Qu’ran (which includes rewriting of the foregoing scriptures to remove corrupted elements), they are all mentioned in various parts of the Qu’ran individually, most notably the first commandment, the declaration that there is only one God.

Ten Practices of the Religion The ten activities that must be observed by Shi’a Muslims; similar in principle to the Sunni Five Pillars of Islam.

thawaab A reward from God.

thay-yib A widow or a divorcee.

theism Adherence to a religion; literally a belief in gods or a God, the opposite being atheism.


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