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Technology of tracking online education in the

Technology has become a common tool for many
classrooms today. Prior to our evolving technology age, students could only
access books from their school library or review notes from the ones they had
taken in class. Today there has been a shift with libraries offering electronic
books and teachers using websites and severs to post assignments and lectures. Online
based learning, in particular, has become accessible for many students beyond
the classroom offering self-pace learning, collaboration with other students
and more opportunity for discussions.


learning has become increasingly popular with classes tripling over the last
ten years in North America (Allen & Seaman, 2013). So is online learning
more or less effective than traditional learning? In a recent report on online
learning from Wayne
State University, found the
final exam scores of the students in online and traditional sections of the
course were strikingly similar. It was noted some advantages the online
students could have include taking an open book test or potentially cheating through
a lack of supervision (Stack, 2015). Reviewing these results, learning boils
down to the student’s learning objective and work ethic. A student, who does
not want to put the effort into studying, in either online or traditional
classes, will not learn anything from their class. Online learning still has
opportunities for improvement with new technology and systems being introduced.

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Our future of technology and learning will continue influence our teaching
systems in years to come.




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