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Temporary Employment Agency or Television Sitcom “the Office” Essay

This is “great! ” A place in the world, I can go to that is like a job factory. The perfect job was waiting just for me. I did not need an education because it was my dream job and I knew how to do it. I was the only person that could fill the position so an application was an unnecessary process. In my mind I pictured it being as it is in the movie Beetlejuice, when he went to be employed as a ghoul. Unlike the movie, this was a place for people that were alive and wanted to work.

People do not go to a temporary agency to fulfill an unemployment requirement because when someone goes to a temporary agency they go in unemployed and come out employed. I had it all worked out in my mind. The temporary agency’s office was big and elaborate. It had water fountains that stood in each of the four corners. A place that was very relaxing. I heard the faint sound of jazz playing in the background. The people that worked at the temporary agency were nicer than the environment. Everybody was so nice and eager to give me the perfect job.

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They knew that I was coming, so they waited for me to get there. I would go in unemployed and come out employed. That was a great feeling. I couldn’t wait to get to the temporary agency’s office. I got to the temporary agency’s office and I was still excited, anticipation was written all over my face. However, reality sat in when I opened the door to the office and it was like walking on to the set of the television sitcom “The Office. ” I saw Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, and Michael Scott. “The Office” might have a statue of Dark Vader lounging next to an applicant.

A temporary agency will have a useless picture of a pear hanging on the wall or maybe a cheap picture of a horse since I live in Kentucky. Somewhere hidden in the corner there would be a framed copy of the Kentucky Labor Laws that tell what the minimum wage will be in July of 2050. I looked around it was just as I had seen on “The Office. ” Everyone was sitting around making faces at each other and going on about the latest gossip, such as, when John and Suzie are going to hook up and get it over with already. Next, I met the wonderful people that worked in the temporary agency.

None of them were too happy that I just interrupted the gossip session going on at the time of my arrival. The first person I met was the receptionist, who reminded me of Pam Beesly. She stared right through me as if she was looking at Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, mouth the words, “that’s what she said,” then made a humorous face. Next, I got to meet the recruiter at the temporary agency’s office. He reminded me of Dwight Schrute, the guy with the glasses. He asked me three times what he could do for me as he peered around the corner of his cubicle.

He was more interested in the reaction of a coworker whose stapler he had put into a jello mold. I told him three times that I was unemployed and I was there to get the “perfect” job he had for me. He gave me a ten page application to fill out. The application included disclosure statements. Mentioned something to the effect of being employed by a temporary agency meant that I could be terminated at anytime without warning, and they were going to make three dollars for every hour that I worked. Finally, I got to meet the office manager.

The office manager got the privilege of interviewing all of the applicants that came in for their perfect job. I entered the office of the interviewer or the office manager, who reminded me of Michael Scott from “The Office,” I noticed he was wearing the Dark Vader mask and using the Dark Vader voice he said, “Luke I am your father,” into the fan several times. Great! I met everybody. Talked briefly with the rude receptionist, repeated myself over and over to the recruiter, and met a real life Dark Vader. I was about to get the perfect job that was designed just for me.

Darth Vader said that I should stay in contact with the office. I would need to call in everyday to be put on the list. I thought to myself, what list is Darth Vader talking about? I was there for the perfect job God had designed for me, not to be put on a list of people calling in everyday. Darth Vader explained the process of giving me the perfect job. Unfortunately, I was not the only person wanting the perfect job that God had designed just for me. As a matter of fact, this job was not designed just for me.

It was designed for the other five hundred people that have already gone through the interview process and are calling in on a daily basis. As I left the office Darth Vader took off his mask, put on his coke bottle glasses, told me his name was Will Farrell, and how nice it was to have met me. I imagined him making farting noises as I left the room. In my youth I was a bit naive. However, I am no longer nineteen and I have grown up since my first encounter with a temporary employment agency. The perfect job is out there but I am not going to get it by sitting on my butt and doing nothing.

For every one job there are 3oo perspective employees. A nice tranquil office that has nothing better to do than to find the perfect job for me does not exist. We all have to work in society even if we just look like we are working. When humans are involved every person working is not going to be eager to help. They might not be polite. As for the perfect job I have not given up on finding it. I just have to look for it for myself, be persistent, and get an education. I learned my lesson in dealing with a temporary agency it is a waste of time!


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