Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

That confusion to the player. Simplicity is

what glitters, must always be glitter gems!

first thing that makes this platform stand out it’s the website. To facilitate
easy and diverse use by users, Glitter gems pride a uniquely responsive website.
This ensures that players can well access the game from any internet enabled
device including android devices, iPhone and even tablets.

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interesting attribute of the glitter gems platform is its straight forwardness and
ability to intuitively interact with the player. It gives you easy and on the glance
options ensuring easy maneuvering as you enjoy playing and winning.

gems has one of the best features any online game of its kind has ever offered.
In its appearance online, it does not bombard the user with features on the screen
that can at any given timer bring confusion to the player. Simplicity is the power
of this game, the player is
expected to choose a line bet value and the number of pay lines only. The
line bet can be chosen from the main screen, moreover, the screen is not
littered with buttons to keep the player guessing where and what purpose each

The game provides two categories of symbols
featuring a blue , red seven, purple seven, dollars sign, pair of dice, gold
gem, Jack symbol, King symbol, Queen symbol, the number 10, Ace symbol, mixed
seven and the number 9 symbols.

The most impressive thing on this platform is
Payouts, which is the reward scheme for the game.  At any given time when you land three or more
symbols, a reward is given; the game is also easy to play , wild symbols
substitutes any other symbols rather than a scatter symbol, Wilds, the other category
from scatters appear on reels 3,4 and 5 only but are not part of the free
games. A very interesting thing about the game is accumulation of bonus games. Upon
landing 3 or more scatters, you are guaranteed   8 bonus

gems has five slots. It is very impressive straight from the start, presenting outstanding
game symbols. All the fun comes in when you start playing. The game has a minimum
bet of 0.01 for one play line. The maximum bet is 100.00 per line with a maximum
of 30 pay lines. The generosity presented here is Amazing, while playing,
glitter gems allows you to play for free until you gain enough confidence to
win while playing for money. The game is played online and you need not bother
downloading since the games apps work well online

is at the centre of this amazingly rewarding game, it displays attractive
graphics which are always tempting to admire. Glamorous it can be termed. Reciprocating
to its name, and standing out as easy wealth creator for players. 


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