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The air supply. The consistent lightweight construction

The Porsche 911 is a high performance
vehicle that has manufactured by German manufacturer Porsche between the years
1993 to 1998, 2001 to 2005m 2007 to 2012 and now in 2018. The car is based on
911 Turbo and utilizes a twin turbo charged engine that has many upgrades.

The upgrades include engine upgrades,
larger brakes and a stiffer suspension. This version is lighter than the
previous versions because it uses a rear wheel drive rather than all-wheel
drive also with some reduction or completely removal of interior components.

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The book will review the 2018 Porsche 911
and all the amazing features that this car has to offer.







Idea 911 GT2 RS

This vehicle is one the
most powerful that has been developed by Porsche as it is a super sports car.
This is done by combining aerodynamic approaches of downforce and the best air
supply. The consistent lightweight construction will make the vehicle pure
muscle and it can race with excellent cornering and stability.



The design of the 2018
Porsche 911 will provide the combination of all things such as top speed and
optimized aerodynamics. This is not an easy task but the engineers are
dedicated to reaching new heights and achieving great things.


Lightweight Construction

For a powerful sport cars
such as the Porsche 911 weight is very essential as much as the drivetrain.
This is to get the level of performance that is required for the top speed in
the vehicle. Therefore, the engineers have precisely weighed every component
and all components were sought to be the lightest functional materials.


Weissach Package

The 2018 Porsche 911 is a
high performance vehicle that will be ensured to surprise the driver with
muscle. It is also unbelievable that the engineers at Porsche found a way to
increase the intensity, the presence and the uniqueness of the performance by
adding the optional Weissach package.



The car has a lot of
charisma and will not be unyielding to anybody. The platform for Porsche is
that they have the ability to lead and to go ahead. There is great performance
data that shows the numbers of how it performs and it makes it difficult for
any other car to overtake it.


Porsche Doppelkupplung

The Porsche Doppelkupplung
is a 7 speed power demonstration. It is a maximum performance for the new
Porsche 911. It has short ratios that are short with succinct gearshifts that
can be done via the shift paddles. It is important to note that the 7th
gear has been ratioed for sport performance and maximum speed.



This car will never shy
away from any confrontation on the road and for any driver that cannot
appreciate a good fight, they should consider a different vehicle.  On the other hand, for someone who desires to
experience the best speed any car can offer this is the perfect choice.


Rear Axle Steering

This option is a standard
as the rear axle steering will give may sport tuning combining performance and
driveability. The electromechanical adjustment system that is assigned to each
rear wheel will give the vehicle a steering angle that can adopt to your
current driving situation.


Dynamic Engine Mounts

This system is
electronically controlled that will minimize any perceptible oscillations and
the vibrations of the drivetrain. This is particular to the engine and combines
the benefits of a soft or hard transmission mounting setting.


Porsche Active Suspension
Management (PASM)

This is another electronic
system that will monitor active control and will continuously adjust the
damping force on any wheel and this will be all based on the driving style and
the current road conditions.


Porsche Stability Management

This system will enable
the stability of the vehicle at all times even when you are pushing the limits
of the driving experience. This is in addition to the anti-lock braking system,
traction control (TC) and the electronic stability control (ESC).


Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus
(PTV Plus)

The PTV Plus system is
made for the 2018 Porsche 911 and will operate in line with the electronically
controlled and fully variable rear differential lock. The engineers of the
Porsche line considers a number of driving parameters to actively control the differential
lock. It is important to note that at all times even in limits of driving
performance, the vehicle will have increased performance.


Wheels and tyres

The vehicle is equipped
with 20 inch wheels on the front axle and a set of 21 inch wheels on the rear.
This will ensure a larger contact area for the tyre and this will give good
driving dynamics. The tyres are light alloy wheels that are usually painted in
White Gold Metallic and have a visible GT2RS logo on the rim.


Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake

The PCCB is one of the
technologies that Porsche has placed as a standard. This is one of the
approaches that meet the stringent demands of race series including the Porsche
Mobile 1 Supercup. The design of the brake discs have provided a formidable
braking performance.


Club Sport Package

This package is an option
that is available that will bolster the car to be ready for extreme sport
conditions. This include a roll cage that is attached to the bodywork, a six
point driver seatbelt in red, a fire extinguisher and bracket and a battery
master switch.



The interior of the
Porsche will provide five round instruments that have been placed into the
cockpit with the rev counter located in the middle. The dial is titanium in
color and the needles and the increment markings are yellow.


Sports Steering Wheel

The gear changes are
motorsports inspired and the sports steering wheel comes with gearshift paddles
that makes the drive shift fast with direct and precise shifting. The wheel can
be axially and vertically adjusted by up to 40mm. The rim of the steering wheel
is made of black and red Alcantara which makes it easy to grip with a
comfortable feel.



This is a part of the
standard equipment that includes bucket seats that are made from carbon fibre
reinforced plastic (CFRP). They have a sport look and great lateral support
which makes them height adjustable which means the bucket seat can be lowered
by 30mm or raised by 20mm.


Porsche Track Precision App

Taking advantage of the performance
can be done through the application especially when making performance
comparisons. This application will give you a right basis for anyone who wants
to improve their performance and aim to beat new personal bests.


Sound package plus

This sound package plus
produces excellent sound that is equipped with eight speakers that will give an
output of 150 watts. There is an integrated amplifier located in the PCM and it
will adapt the acoustic pattern in the vehicle interior to the passengers.


BOSE Surround Sound System

The BOSE Surround system
was specifically designed for the Porsche 911 models and was made to adapt to
the vehicle’s internal acoustics. There are 12 loudspeakers along with
amplifier channels which includes a 100 watt subwoofer.


Porsche Communication
Management (PCM)

This is the control unit
for the general management of the infotainment applications and this is
standard in the vehicle. The PCM contains a high resolution display that has a
proximity sensor.


Connect Plus

The connect plus function
is one of the basis that ensures the maximum connectivity in the vehicle. This
has an LTE telephone module that has a SIM card reader. This is to provide
convenience, good reception and an optimized voice quality. There is a wireless
internet access point that gives you internet access from any WLAN enabled



Using the Porsche Connect
and the Connect Plus modules, the user of the system can access many helpful
services that can include real time traffic information. Information will also
come with a visual aid that assist with decision making.


Connect Apps

The Porsche vehicle will
come with two different Porsche apps that allow connections. The first one is
the Porsche Car Connect that will allow your smartphone or Apple Watch to be
able to get the vehicle data or remotely control some vehicle functions. The
other app is the Porsche Connect App that allows you to send chosen
destinations to the vehicle before you start your journey.


Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

The experience of Porsche
has been around for a very long time. The manufacturer has always been
dedicated to giving their clients the best opportunity to personalize the
vehicle through their request service. This program is called the Porsche
Exclusive Manufaktur.


Special Cars

The base notion of the
Porsche brand is that they focus on making quality cars rather than quantity.
This has a long history at Porsche and this clearly describes their daily work.
The development of vehicles to be something extraordinary that sometimes
include amazing requests from customers.


Manufactured by hands

The development and
manufacturing process is very sophisticated task. This includes using valuable
materials such as Alcantara, leather, carbon, aluminium or wood. One of the
most important things in the creation of Porsche vehicles is the involvement of
human hands. Many times this is the only way to meet the high demands of the




Craftsmanship and High Tech

These two ideas can go
together and have been combined in the 2018 Porsche 911. This vehicle has
combined the high tech approaches along with the unique wood and design
precision. This is a one of a kind approach that will meet your expectation



Manufacturing a great car
through a set of sophisticated processes is not something that is out of the
ordinary. The clients of Porsche have always looked for something out of the
ordinary and there are many things that are out of the ordinary but they aim to
satisfy the needs of the clients.


Freedom to Design

The vehicle has something
that speaks volumes and that is character. This is the approach taken under the
Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur that makes the changes naturally by hand. It is
the belief that individual taste requires individual implementation.



Personality and Character

The requests of the
customers may go above and beyond and usually are out of the ordinary. Porsche
attempts to meet each one of them. This is done through the experience and
passion from all employees. This can be seen in all details and the vehicles
are created to be reflected with their customers.


Harmonised Image

When you adhere to the
highest standards, you can be ensured to see the small details and the small
refinements that will achieve the overall picture. This is one of the ways that
Porsche extends to their connection to their customers.



The character of all the
different customers are all different. This means that Porsche is prepared to
review all the variety of options that can be offered. When they process the
different options, they look to perfection up to one hundredth of a millimeter.


Permanent Development

The customers are all
inspired by different things they like. This also means that they will also
help to develop new ideas. This can also represent constant progress. This is
why the developers also have the Porsche Design Studio and also with the
Porsche engineers in Weissach.


Corporate Philosophy

The exclusive quality will
always be present through the complete development process. This includes from
the first sketch all the way to the final testing. This also speaks to the
engineering skills and the great lengths Porsche would go through to ensure
their clients are happy.


Personalized Customer Vehicles

Under the Porsche
Exclusive Manufaktur program, Porsche will offer many options for
personalizations for the interior and the exterior. This will give you a
vehicle that is completely personalized that will look and feel exactly how you
want it.



There are other editions
that are being developed that are in collaboration with the Porsche Design
Studio and the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. The different versions are
different equipment, extensive refinements and a staging of the know-how and
the complete product portfolio.


Limited Series

The different series can
reflect the passions and the ability of the development division. These
different masterpieces have been distinguished by have a unique Porsche
Exclusive Manufaktur plaque. They will include different components, limits and
independent model names that will show how much the editions are demanded.



The different
specifications of the vehicles are truly a matter of the heart. The best place
for this to be ventilated is at the factory in Zuffenhausen, which remains at
the heart of the brand. AT the plant you will be directly received and individually
advised on how to move forward.


Exclusive Tour

There is a customer
consulting department that enables the employees to directly interact with the
customers. There is a highlight of the interaction which involves a tour of the
Exclusive Manufaktur facility. This will give insights and how Porsche pays
attention to detail.


Material and Vehicle Exhibition

There exists a large
collection of material and colour samples in the factory. These include
personalized leather colors and paints. Clients will get exclusive access to
the material archive that will complete the offer and give access to unique



The desire of the client
is always the focus at Porsche and there are many focused consultants that will
work to develop your personalized vehicle. This is completed with providing all
your requirements. This when coupled with you will create vehicles with
charisma which pays detail to the smallest details.



When you have established
a personal link to the specialists to the Zuffenhausen, you will have answers
for any complex questions you may have. This is all supported by the need to
have inspiration, originality, enthusiasm and this is all along with the care
and tranquility to make Porsche a great brand.



The customer experience is
a unique one at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur and they provide clients with the
option of turning their dreams into a reality. The precise details are taken
into consideration which includes things like colors and seam patterns.


Rich in Experiences

The enthusiasm and the
dedication of the consultants will give the clients the opportunity to get the
fascination of Porsche. This is all for a unique customer experience of Porsche
which includes the special equipment at the center of Porsche.


Winter wheel and tyre sets

The 2018 Porsche 911 is a
great athlete that can run all year round so you can experience the sports car
performance at all times. There are winter tyre sets that come from Porsche
Tequipment and there is no need to sacrifice the performance that you have been
used to even in wintry conditions.


Tequipment in the winter

The Porsche 911 is
equipped to deal with everyday conditions and this will not just be a car for
the summer. This vehicle is for pure driving pleasure and this should not be
prevented, ever. This can always be enhanced with additional accessories from
Porsche Tequipment.


Accessory Range

After fully designing the
vehicle that you want, you can enhance it by adding extras. Whether it is the
interior or exterior you can bolster it with Porsche equipment and you can
design your vehicle as you wish. Any creative option that you need for your
model can be found using the Tequipment accessory finder.


Porsche Individuality App

This is a great way to
find Porsche personalization options using the Individuality app. This app will
allow you to find out the options that will make your Porsche personal from the
factory or retrofitted. You can be inspired by the wide range of
personalization options and background information.








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