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The Blind Side Essay

‘Our milieus can be both baleful and soothing. Discuss in relation to the behavior of Michael Oher in the movie. ’ Some scenes we encounter in our lives are both familiar and unsafe to us. John Lee Hancock shows this peculiarly good through the character of Michael Oher in ‘The Blind Side’ . Settings such as the Touhy house. the Christian school and the suburb of Hurt Village. where Michael’s female parent lives. function as illustrations of these contradictory topographic points.

Briarcrest Christian School is a topographic point where Michael originally feels threatened. but becomes a topographic point of comfort for him as the film progresses. When he foremost moves to the school. Michael does non cognize anyone. and is daunted by the deficiency of diverseness in the pupils. He does non look to understand the work. or wish to make it. and his instructors do non seek to assist him. This is apparent in his verse form ‘White Walls’ . which is found in the trash by one of his instructors. In his authorship Michael outlines that “ [ he looks ] and [ he sees ] white everyplace. white walls. white floors. and a batch of white people. ” Here Hancock refers to Michael’s race and how lonely he feels at the school. Michael besides says that he ‘ [ has ] no thought of anything [ the instructors ] are speaking about’ and that they ‘ [ expect him ] to make the jobs on [ his ] own’ . implying that he is non confident with working independently.

The scene where the instructors hear his verse form is when things start to alter. They realise that Michael needs aid. and get down to supply him with it ; allowing him take trials orally and giving him excess support. The instructors discover that ‘Michael Oher is non stupid’ and his classs start bettering. This implies that he does desire to larn. and is going more acclimatised to the work and school. Through his friendly relationship with SJ. he becomes more socially accepted and school is no longer so lonely for him. As the movie progresses. Michael grows to be comfy at the school. and with his class betterment. feels like he belongs with his equals.

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Another topographic point Michael finds both soothing and threatening is the suburb where he grew up. He lived there with his female parent during his early childhood. and yet ironically it is one of the topographic points where Michael is most likely to be hurt. He feels a sense of responsibility to his female parent. and returns to her despite.


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