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The credits for process energy performance optimization,

rating system accommodates for different facilities and their operation
requirement under LEED Building Design and Construction (BD+C). For Data
centers LEED BD+C: Data Centers carries the essence of a regular LEED Building
Rating System but has additional requirements listed to ensure efficient
operation of data centers and sustainable practices. Therefore, while checking
for efficiency in departments like energy savings, water efficiency, building and
construction practices this rating systems also includes credits for process energy
performance optimization, performance measurement, cooling tower water
management etc. The cooling tower water management is the newest addition to
the credit list in this section.  The
rating system still maintains its structure of 110 total points –

40 to 49 –  Certified

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50 to 59 –  Silver

60 to 79 –  Gold

80+ –  Platinum


The modified and
added credits are as follows –

1.     New
Construction Energy and Atmosphere

Pre-requisite 1 – Fundamental system commissioning
– This condition makes sure basic system commissioning tasks are carried out
like including a system manual, operator and occupant training modules, testing,

Pre- requisite 2 – Minimum Energy Performance – The
data center owner is required to show two energy consumption patterns – 1.

Energy use for the whole building 2. Energy use for I.T. equipment. The
baseline performance is measured against ASHRAE Standard 90.1. The facility is
required to show at least 5% increase in the energy performance.

c.     Credit
– Optimize Energy Performance – This credit carries 1-18 points. This credit
aims to optimize the energy use inside the facility to reduce the usage and
corresponding impacts. This credit has special provisions for data centers. The
LEED officials set a baseline and the data center owner is required to do a
whole building simulation of energy use and show results better than the

Along with these the Enhanced Commissioning
and measurement and verification under the same credit can award a facility 1-4


Under Existing Buildings Energy
and Atmosphere the rating system has requirements related to planning, documentation
and opportunity assessment as a prerequisite while checking practices for
Performance measurement and building commissioning.


A relatively new addition to the credit set is the cooling
tower water management which requires the data center facility to check for
concentration of substances present in the water and make sure they are below
respective set values. To limit the cooling tower cycles, there are points
rewarded for reporting ‘Maximum
number of cycles achieved without exceeding any filtration levels'(1 point) and
‘Achieve a minimum 10 cycles by increasing the level of treatment in condenser
or make-up water’ (2 points).


with the mentioned changes the LEED Rating System in its latest version
includes more guidelines and requirements for data centers along with other
special facilities like hospitals, schools, warehouses, etc.


Hence in the latest update of LEED V4 on July 8, 2017,
USGBC has included almost all BD+C requirements, tweaked for data center
performance and energy efficiency. 


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